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New OL Club in North AL and More Rumors

Received notification of USA Weightlifting’s approval yesterday; now we’re looking for more athletes. Interested parties can contact us through the blog:


We’ve also heard rumor of another meet in Mobile, AL before the start of football season. Jason Poeth is the point of contact: http://www.alabamaweightlifting.org/index.htm

There was some discussion about an upcoming meet in Birmingham, AL but I don’t have a POC yet; I’ll post it when I do.

And Team Savannah has the American Masters Nationals in November:

Good luck with that club man. There is also a Birmingham powerlifting club in the works currently.

Thanks Brother.
Send me a link and I’ll post it on my site.

I would, but I don’t believe there is one. We have been in contact through emails and phone calls, so far.

That’s cool. I contacted you through your link for Info. I live in the Athens area.