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New Neurotype Workouts


I have been on the new Type 3 program for 9-10 weeks. Just entering the final block my left abductor is in great pain when squatting. This has nothing to do with the program per se, since I had to alter it to fit into a tight schedule during Christmas by doing 3 heavy full body workouts on consecutive days. Further on, I believe the depth jumps were not executed properly and this caused a strained. I have taken a couple of days free to continue on Monday and it is feeling better everyday.

Now I am thinking on using Type 3 program which will probably suit me better since with work and other responsibilities stress can become a problem.

I’m not gonna lie, this is a weird result. My guess is that you are a type 3 with the ACTN3 RR type, which would give you a high ratio of fast twitch fibers, and more explosiveness.

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I used to compete in weightlifting back in college. And I’m not a good grinder. My max usually looks like I could do more reps. Thank you for your response. I will do more research about the ACTN3 RR type. Is there any specific suggestions on training/nutrition if this was my case?

Yes, exactly like me. This is typical of a high ratio of FT fibers.

Hi, CT
what is the best frequency/volumes ratio will be for this neuro type.( from recovery point of view) the sets are need be to failure or not ? I,m exactly same neuro type
Thank you