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New & Nervous & Excited


New member but been reading thread in here for a few weeks now lol.
Long story short, am hypothyroid got my levels "normal", still felt bad so Dr. suggested checking T levels and found to be low. 344 if I remember correctly (I'm 31, 5'11 275lbs :frowning: ), asked me if I wanted to start TRT. Had a ton of questions but since it was something that kinda hit me like a ton of bricks I didn't ask or really didn't know what to think. Was more in a "okay now what?" blank stage, also kinda bummed out because I thought I had my Thyroid kinda figured out with the FreeTs and TSHs and stuf and now I have to educate myself on T and FreeTs Es and blah blah blah. You can see my frustration. Kinda overwhelming...

Well after 2 weeks of wrestling with "what should I do, let me learn" I decided to get it done. The more I read and listened (podcasts) the more I felt the benefits would way over power the cons for me so why not? Let's get to feeling better over all.

Dr. wanted to go the 200 every 2 weeks route but after reading here (KSman protocol thread) printed it out and took it to her. She is more the pellets kinda Dr. and has her protocol but agreed to let me go on that and monitor me. Well today was my first injection, she went ahead and gave me 200 this one time and will go back to 100 next Friday (I'm going to get it done every Friday as of right now). The question I have for you guys is, she went ahead and gave me the hcg at the same time and will give me another one next Friday as well.

Should I ride with this? Or should I separate them? She also included B-12 and Lipo B? to the hcg injection. What do ya think about that combo? She said it would help with my belly and love handle fat along with the man boobs. Hell as soon as she said that I didn't even question it lol, kinda feel dumb for not voicing my concerns/questions now tho. Have ya heard about this combo, should I keep it or go straight plain hcg? I think I'm also getting an inhibitor, maybe pill form? cause she didn't give me anything there but did send a prescription (my new dose of synthroid) so maybe it's with it? I'll ask if I don't get anything but the thyroid med.

Well that's what I have for now lol. I'll try to be an active member also, I've learned a lot and also confused a lot lol, I know I still have a long road ahead of me but kinda excited in a way.

Your input is very important to me guys. Seeing what ya think about this combo injection and the timing of it.


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We cannot do much without your labs with ranges.

You should have had LH/FSH tested before starting any form of TRT.

Need your thyroid labs and protocol.