New: Need Suggestions

Okay, this I am sure, is not uncommon for NEWBIES to post these same exact questions, I am new to this whole bodybuilding thing and looking at the plethora of information on the WORLD WIDE WEB is mind numbing. I need guidance! Okay, here is my dilemma.

I am 5 ft 8 in, 175 lbs, bf % I think around 25% I am solid all around, with belly fat that I want to get rid of, I wear a 33 waist pant. Like most I want to show the abs one of these days. I have a desk job, so I try to wake up early and do 20 minutes on the treadmill, keeping my HR around 155-165, (is this too high for optimal BF reduction) 3 times a week and lift weights at night, usually around 830pm. I lift 3 times a week, keeping my workouts to around an hour max!! I only take Whey protein for supplementation, but I am curious to try others, such as creatine and fat burner, I know there is no magic pill and really what it takes is a strong will to succeed, my goals are in order, 1) 6 pack abs 2) More definition all over 3) mass.

As I wrote in my short profile, I am medium to large build (Endomorph / Mesomorph), I guess. I have broad shoulders and am somewhat fit. I gain/loose weight pretty easy. Can I cut up while bulking too? Or pick one? That is why I was wondering about taking creatine while trying to obtain the 6 pack.

Nutritionally, I try to eat throughout the day, 6 times a day, small meals, but I am confused on the caloric intake and protein to carb to fat ratio. Hell I am confused on everything. I simply try to watch what I eat, not super strict, I still fall to my cravings of sweets from time to time. I take the Whey mid morning, mid afternoon and after workouts. Right now I am taking the Body Fortress stuff from Wal-Mart, other than that I currently take prescriptions for Triglycerides and cholesterol along with a Multivitamin. I just need someone to help guide me on which supplements to try, because the whole eating and planning your meals is too hard from time to time.

Any help is appreciated.

I apologize, I will save the mods and ol’heads the trouble

I will continue to do searches and read up on all of this.

Man you’re learning fast. 25 min. You just saved yourself from some major 3rd degree burns from flame throwers.

I think 25 min. is a new world speed record. Congrats and enjoy.


Good stuff!

When you have more specific questions based on reading up on some things around here, don’t hesitate to ask.

Nobody minds offering a bit of help to people that pay attention and put in their own effort.

Post again once you’ve read those articles if you have more questions.

For nutrition, read anything by Berardi. For effective training programs that seem to be more newbie friendly, check out those written by Waterbury.