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New, Need Help With Supplements


I am new on the bodybuilding stuff, i am 29 year old and will like help on a supplement to build muscle, i got that Carbolin 19, do you think that is a good stuff or there is a better thing out there and how about a good fat burner....


Why wouldn't you ask this before buying Cabolin 19?

I do think Carbolin 19 is highly effective, though, as is HOT-ROX for speeding fat loss, but they shouldn't be used together.

You need to go back and read the Carbolin 19 product thread.


Oh, and if you really are new to training, you probably don't need supplements at this time anyhow.

Speed you energy on learning to eat to reach your goals.


Let me try to summarize:
If you are new(ish) to serious weight training, then you are going to make progress no matter what.

If you eat healthfully, you will make even better progress.

Supplements are very good at two things, primarily: supplementing your diet with nutrients that might be missing from your food (example: take a decent multi-vitamin), or to bring about specific hormonal changes (examples: Biotest's M to reduce the effects of estrogen in the body, Alpha Male or RED KAT to increase lagging testosterone levels, HOT-ROX to promote lipolysis).

But if you are eating right (and there's no reason you shouldn't), then you're getting decent nutrients. If you are still fairly young (and I think 29 is on the edge there), you may not need a T-booster.

What I'm trying to get across is simple: try food and exercise--and use the knowledge you find on this site--BEFORE you start putting money into the "extras."

Check out the "Are You a Beginner" and "Are You a Beginner II" threads started by vroom. They are your first steps. The rest can wait.

Good luck. Keep us posted.


Well i'm not really really new at weight lifting, i was in the military and i was in shape i'm 5' 6" i was 145-150 but it was muscle and i was in shape even a six pack, then my time was up and i came back home, here i havent done anything and i gain mad crazy weight...

3 month ago i was 172, so i started going to the gym and now i;m backat 157, and i like his almost there, cant make my belly go away but i wil keep trying... when i was in the army i did creatine and amino acid, and al those things, but i really want to speed this up and get big... but it look like i'm going to need the best to be the best... please help....


From what you have alreadey done, a good diet looks in order. Use Protein, Creatine and Nitric Oxide. Otherwise EAT!


Dump the NO junk!


If you want fast results it works. What makes it junk?



This does.




Sure it'll give you a raging pumpo for about 10 minues after you w/o. maybe an extra vein will peek through. You can get the same and better results through proper peri, pre and post w/o nutrient timing and if you really want some veins through a little sodium in your diet and drink some Carbs. Does it everytime for me.

Save your money. Read the above link.

Just my take,


Thanks for bitch slappng me. I guess my ceatine can't come in pills anymore. That's what I used it for mostly.... Kre-Alkalyn.