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New, Need Help w/ Injuries

Hi all, my name is Austin and I’m 20 years old. Recently I’ve come across some back problems that I need help with. Heres kind of a short story leading to my problem

Back senior year in high school I was arm wrestling a friend when I tore my superior labrum on my right shoulder. I had an old snowboarding accident that didn’t heal right and the arm wrestling finally did it in. But during that time I had started to lift weights, I ran cross country and took Tae Kwon do.

Well graduated and lived with the injury but as time went on it got harder to lift and do tae kwon do. So finally last year I had surgery to repair it. That put me in a sling for 6 weeks and unable to move it. So as you can imagine atrophy kicked in pretty bad. But started PT and got back up to speed and then this year around February got back into lifting.

Now a few months ago I started getting some back pain in my left side cause of my poor squat technique.

When I squat down I tend to sway to my left side to take some of the weight off my right shoulder cause of the pain from the weight resting on it. Well doing that for almost 6 months built up the left side of my back significantly larger than the right almost an inch more in muscle compared to the right, this also pulled my spine about an inch to the left in my lower back.

Now went to Physical Therapy and they helped me out some and now my spine is probably half an inch out of wack.

So my question is what can I do to help build my right up equal with my left? I’ve tried box squats with 135 to make sure i stay straight which didnt really work, and same with normal squats, so that got frustrating and I went to doing front squats just a few weeks ago which I couldnt do previously cause of shoulder pain.

But doing those I stay straight and I can feel it work the right side. But it works so hard it spasms and I lose the ability of good technique pretty quick. Now my friend just bought bumper plates and we just started to clean and jerk. Our workouts consist of mostly Squat, deadlift and clean and jerk so Im hoping that will help as well.

But even as I type this my left side is throbbing and feels super stiff and from what the doctor said the orientation of my spine has pinched a nerve which can be corrected if I can get it straightened out.

Is there anything I can do that will really target that right side? Im hoping if I can build it up it’ll pull my spine back into alignment. I almost want to sway to the right when I squat to work the right more, but I dont want to get into a bad habit doing that.

I apologize for the long post and if needed I can get pics to show you all the problem. Thanks for your time