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New Nandrolone Cypionate



Check out this article. Apparently a "new" steroid has been developed. They have changed the ester so that it is now faster acting allowing for faster results and faster clearance times

Have any of you guys come across this yet? I know I haven't, so I hope this is something new for you guys to take a look at.


Might be a good thing. I don't usually go for the 100mg stuff though. I've
seen more NPP (phenylpropinate) on the sites as well.


Pointless. Just go with npp if you want faster results and clearance


I believe I have seen that on raw material list before raw deal, but never as a finished product. I would never use any form of Nandrolone anyway, so I'm not all that excited about it. I didn't even give the article a read, as I lost respect for the author as soon as I read the title. It should read "Nandrolone Cypionate: A Quicker Form of Nandrolone" not "Nandrolone Cypionate: A Quicker Form of Deca"


Sound the rams horn!


haha yah the title is silly.