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New Name For This Forum


HRT Corner!


Some of us are not on HRT.


I think he is jealous...........


Are you "allowed" in here yet?


I pass the qualifying age by a dozen years you young whippersnapper!


Thanks for the good laugh bro!


That's a good one Boffin!


I don't know who said it, BUT "It sucks getting old!" Unfortunately, it's a fact of life us old farts deal with on a daily basis. Most of us haven't been put out to pasture yet, or worse, sent to the glue factory....we find our own way of trying to keep a balance in our lives, our family, work, stress etc.

Whether it's HRT of lifting or reading a good book that makes us happy is all that really matter. We do it because we can and that is all some of us have to look forward to, hefting some iron and feeling good about it.


Luckily, or otherwise, I pass the qualifying age too... funny how fast time flies.


I've been thinking along those lines for a while as well. :wink: