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New Name for Grow!


When you go to the Biotest store, you might notice that Low-Carb Grow! has been replaced by Metabolic Drive.

Don't worry, it's the exact same product.

We changed the name because the name Grow!, while popular with a lot of T-Nation members, was simply a dud in the general market.

For one thing, most women didn't like the name and they avoided buying the product. Many believed the product would make them look like female bodybuilders!

Secondly, dieters in general didn't like the name because, well, they want to shrink instead of Grow!

Never mind that a low-carb, low-calorie, high-protein product would in all likelihood make them lose fat; many just couldn't look past the name.

Hence the new name, Metabolic Drive.

You might also notice that the price has gone up. Unfortunately, the prices of raw material, along with production costs, have gone up considerably in the last year.

And, to give you fair warning, prices will probably go up again later this year. It's just a business reality.

However, Metabolic Drive, at $25.99, is still a great deal.

Thanks for understanding!


Good for the name change. I can't say that I'm happy with the price increase, but it's not that big a deal. Especially when keeping in mind some things that are vital for life have gone up just as much or more (percentage wise)as this. I still think it's a steal at $26 at any rate.

As long as you guys keep putting out an excellent product I'll keep buying. How much is one's health worth?


I think this was a great idea! While I personally loved the name Grow!, I did have a dificult time convincing my lady friends that Grow! was THE protein supplement to purchase. I had a hard enough time explaining that they needed to increase their protein intake, much less telling them they should buy a product called Grow!

Good things, good things!


Damn... Just when I was about to place a Velocity Diet order, looks like its gonna be anohter 30 bucks or so now! Oh well.


You should have named it "the shit" because thats what it is.

I find myself sometimes just eating it with a spoon right out of the tub.

Sucks for the price increase, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Oh, and is there any change in price of Surge or is that staying the same?

[hopes for the latter]


for real, that suck's


perfect ... hahahahaha


I work in the petroleum industry and with the increases in the price of oil our raw materials have increased 50-200% in some cases over the last couple of years.

Our customers are the oil companies. Much of our business is contracted. However, when we went to them with the necessary price increases and inability to honor the existing contract, they had a simple answer -- "...what took you so long!"

Thanks for great products. Be fair, be profitable. "What took you so long!"


One thing to remember, not too long ago, the suggested retail for Grow! was about double what it goes for now.

Now that it's only sold on this site and the middleman has been taken out, Biotest can offer it for much less.

And it's been improved since then with micellar casein, a cool, exotic (and very expensive) protein:


So, still a bargain!


You should rename classic Grow!:
I'd call it Cheaper Grow! :slight_smile:
God bless vanilla.


I think it should be renamed "Better than that Stuff," with a large red arrow on the label pointing to other protein supps that are on the same shelf.


Glad I just received 4 canisters this week!

Yeah, a price increase is a bummer, but also a reality. I'm seeing gasoline prices going up again; if I'm living with that as a necessity, I can accept the increase for Metabolic Drive.


I'm with you...glad I put in an order, my thoughts were right that this was going to happen. In hindsight I wish I would have bought a few more bottles to save a few more dollars. (Hey I am financially anal about stuff)

The bars price increase bummed me out too, but wow, those chocolate ones are unbelievable in how they taste.

One question no one has still answered (to my knowledge at least): With the name changes for the bars and bottles, will we now start to see them in stores or is this just so they are more marketable to people who visit the site?

I could see both ways, but remembering what Tim P. posted about how many visits we get opposed to how many people buy from here, it might just be for visitors to the site?


For some reason, it always looked like GROWL to me anyhow.


Good Marketing move. Target the market!!


Hell think about it and the gas alone could be the reason for a need for the price raise. I dont imagine the protein and other ingreidents grow on some Bad ass tree in the Biotest Warehouse. They have to ship all that. Run the machines etc. Hell Plastics are made from petrolium Byproducts arent they??

Just a thought.

Ill still buy it though I was partial to the Grow! Name. Ill live.


Just wanted to say I love the new name. I think it is going to be very appealing to your target market.


The King is dead.


Long live the King!


Good that it changed, because I've just introduced my girlfriend to Low-Carb Grow!! and I didn't show her the label because I knew it would have a slight turn-off, even with her being knowledgeable about these things. Women should really jump on this because of the taste. I did some crazy-ass cocktails with Grow!, a cheese-cake, protein sour cream for pancakes - you name it.


For as good as Grow! is I'm not worried about a $3 price increase; especially considering how expensive everything else is these days. The price per scoop only went up about 10 cents. I can live with that considering how great a supp it is.