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New name for Brockabol

“Brockabol is OUT!!!” So let’s suggest some new names.

I still like Brockabol. It sounds real hardcore. Brock shouldn’t change the name because of some jealous asshole.

Agree. Keep the name. Consider the product line like the Periodic Table and you just added a newly discovered element. Take credit where credit is due.


I’m with you guys on calling it Brockabol. I just think the name sounds really cool.

brockabol is a great naem for the credit is deserved. try ADIBOL 250- the direction of hormones to come.
AD 250+
ADI 250


I wish Brock would keep the original name, Brockabol. Fuck whoever has a problem with it. They aren’t somebody that would buy it anyways. Maybe Brock just wants to cover his own ass and not have his name attached to it. Here’s a few suggestions, Hyperbol, Strassabol, or how about no name!

Call it either “EAS sucks” or “Brock Rocks”, both seem to fit!!!

Well since Brock says whoever comes up with the best name gets a free bottle, I’ll try my hand at it. How about Mastodon? Or perhaps Mastodon 250 or Mastodon-AD. Just my suggestions.

Rockabol or Rockabol 250: Sounds like a “real” roid (and it is), sounds like Brockabol (which many people are already attached to), and it gives the imagery of a rock, ie. “hard as a rock”, or “rock solid”. Rockabol would be a tough name. People would say, “Were you one of the lucky ones to get your hands on the Rock?” and “I’m on the Rock, baby!”

Jew-bol. It’s legal. It’s anabolic. It’s kosher! :slight_smile:

Keep the BROCKABOL. Brocks alternative names were real Naff!!.

If you’re marketing it as “posing oil,” how about Strass Gloss.

I don’t know the legal issues with this stuff, but I think the suggested names should move away from Blah-Blah-Blah-abol, just to keep any Federal agencies off of Brock’s ass. My suggested name follows the “Liquid Muscle” approach, a “topical” product that you need a needle to apply. Since the product will have the esterified prohormones 19-NAD and 4-AD in it, I think the name should be “PRO-EST OIL”, “A new Prohormone topical delivery system.”


“White Knuckle Express” Pitbull ON Crack…come on guys think…

Bill-Phillipabol :wink:

again, i say Brockabol. it is clearly the superior name. however, i’m a fan of Rockabol too. still trying to think of another name other than Brockabol. i think you should reconsider Brock and not care that one person thinks you have an ego.

How about – Feelslikedecabol
Sorry Guys, I am a sick puppy.

Just had a thought. Remember those mysterious DDR products from the 80’s that were supposed to be awesome? How about calling it Bolasterone-AD or Bolasterone-250. Glimm

Here are some name suggestions:
AD4(with the four written as an exponent);
AD4-250(with the four written as an exponent);