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NEW! My T-Nation


Anybody seen this feature? Has it been up for months and I haven't noticed?

It looks pretty cool. We'll fianlly be able to leave comments about particular posters so all those trolls can be singled out. And all those good members we also have can get their props.

I'll have to explore it further after work, when I have time to muck around with it.

What do you guys think?


I just noticed it today as well. . . maybe I just don't pay attention either. I'll have to mess around with it once I get home from work.



Hmmm, there's a little FAV icon up there now too...


No, It wasn't there.

It is pretty damn cool though. An oppurtunity for our own little blog huh?

Watch out Shugart...


Instructions will be up soon.

This is going to be LOTS of fun!


Well your f***ed! (kidding)

I don't think it wa there yesterday. It looks pretty cool, and has a blog and photo area.

Nice work T-Nation!


But now I'm not going to have an excuse not to put up any photos of my weak, pudgy, lanky arse...

Does this mean I'm going to have to start training for real?

Will I still be allowed to do curls in the squat rack...?


It's very cool, and certainly wasn't there yesterday. Sort of like facebook for T-Nation. Nice work!


whoa.... if the ignore feature turns off ALL posts by that person.... that is just gold. Time to test this on an attention whore or 2.

gah... they still show. It must only remove thier private messges :frowning:

-edit 2

"images, your account will be deactivated. Sexy stuff is okay, but not blatant porn."

Just how nekkid can a woman be before its porn?


Finally, Rockscar will be labeled as the troll that he is! :slight_smile:


T-Nation's becoming like facebook or something. Should be cool though.


My Friend's List is growing quickly!

Do you want to be my friend? Add me to your list.

If I like you, I'll add you to mine.


Only if they get a surge in members of the sorostitute persuasion. Not that I would complain.


Yet another way to spend countless hours of my work week. Great feature.


Sorostitute? Is that like a hooker that only goes for Hungarian billionaire financiers?


Sweetness. Another thing to keep me occupied.


Really Nate, how old are you? :slight_smile:



I have more friends and views than Southerngirl.

I rule.


I SHOULD be studyin for finals but . . . . . . ehhh I'll keep checkin out T-Nation forever. Too . . . damn . . . addicting!


I'm supposed to be digging holes for footings...and I really don't want too...yes, it is addicting.