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I get a little tired of people making lame ass remarks when it comes to rap or hip hop in general, mostly because no one is taking pot shots at metal music (despite many of those lead singers not being able to hold a note if their lives depended on it).

I also don't watch much MTV because it irritates me...like a bad itch in the middle of your back that you can't reach.

I just want to know what's out there that I need to be downloading quickly. I am also NOT looking for people to just list off what rappers they think make them seem hardcore. I am also not just looking for Hip Hop songs as I listen to everybody from Breaking Benjamin to Busta Rhymes.

I want songs I can lift weights to...and drive fast to.

For a place to start:
Lil Wayne - Lollipop Remix featuring Kenya West
is decent


If you like Drum & Bass, you can lift to it and drive fast to it as well.


I like Shinedown's Devour. Another is Mr. Busta himself with "Don't Touch Me". Right now, I'm on a classical kick, so I probably wouldn't be too helpful.


I used to rock Busta Rhymes and the Flipmode squad. As strange as it seems i really listen to a lot of bluegrass gospel now. That and classic rock but i am a guitar player.


You could try the remix to "Don't Touch Me" by Busta Rhymes, you'll probably like some of the new Roots album "Rising Down" (standout tracks are "Get Busy", "I Can't Help It", Lost Desire" & "The Show" IMO) and there's some decent tracks amongst the ones leaked from "L.A.X" by The Game (standout track "Ghost Writer" IMO).

I don't listen to the radio etc. so I can't really tell you what's "Hot" but you might like some of the above suggestions.


I've gotten into Rise Against lately, Life Less Frightening and Worth Dying for are probably my favorites from them

Three Days Grace's latest song(Never Too Late) is really good.

Travis Barker has done some remixes of a few mainstream hip-hop songs that are awesome IMO, namely Flo-Rida's Low.

The last 3 minutes of Knights Of Cydonia by Muse is absolutely fucking stellar if you have the software to cut off the first 3 =]


I don't listen to the radio either. That has become more irritating than MTV.

I appreciate the responses so far and I'm going to try to download most of those mentioned.

That Busta Rhymes is TIGHT. I appreciate that one!


Busta Rhymes - Feat Linkin Park - We Made It

Worth the download.

Busta may just be my favorite rapper right now.


Beat me to it.


Nile- As a God Creates
Dimmu Borgir- Hybrid Stigmata: The Apostasy
Anterior- Scar City
Burzum- Lost Wisdom
Goatwhore- In the Narrow Confines of Defilement
Immortal- Beyond the North Waves
Dimmu Borgir- The Chosen Legacy

Should set your ears straight for awhile.


People take shots at other genres because all they're exposed to is what's on the radio. The funny thing is, if I have to listen to the radio I'll probably end up on Hot 97, the local hip-hop/r&b station.

Ghostface's latest album is really good. I grabbed The Roots' new album but I haven't really listened to it yet. And I'm still enjoying Jay-Z's "American Gangster".

Other recommended lifting music would be Atheist, Between the Buried and Me, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Electro Quarterstaff, The Mars Volta, The Parlor Mob, Portugal.The Man, and The White Stripes. That's some of the harder stuff on my playlist.


What's the name of the album?


What kind of music are these?

I was thinking Gospel up until "Goatwhore".


Sounds like Death/Black/Viking/whateveryoukids callitnowadays metal. The appellations tend to be rather dramatic.

Not exactly new, but have you ever listened to the Sex Pistols, X?


I've heard of them but don't know any of their songs.

It's hard to describe the style of metal music I like, but Saliva's Ladies and Gentlmen is one that gets much play in my iPod.


Rise Against is one of the few bands I've EVER had where I don't hit skip for any of the tracks, including there freshman release.

Currently I'm digging the new stuff from Dark Tranquility and In Flames for metal.


The Roots - I can't help it

They have to be one of the few groups out putting out music that sounds different than what we hear all of the time.


LL Cool J

"Can't Think"
"U Can't Fuck With Me" (featuring Snoop Dogg, Xzibit and Jayo Felony)
"The G.O.A.T."
"Ill Bomb"

Busta Rhymes

"Touch It" and its 8 remixes


Personally I think the chosen legacy is a horrible song minus the epic 10 seconds of double bass, hybrid stigmata is alright. I could never get into any of the other bands you listed.

Edit 2:

Shortly after 3 minutes has got to be the fastest drumming i've ever heard.


Eminem/50 cent-till i collapse.
Jay-z/Linkin Park-99 Problems
Fort minor-Red to Black
Egypt Central-You Make me sick
Avenged Sevenfold-Trashed & scattered
Hatebreed-Live for this
Dimmu Borgir-Hybrid Stigmata
All That Remains-The Air that i breathe

just youtube these. I lift to all of em. Arranged in order from lightest/rap to heaviest.