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New Music Suggestions?


I'm looking for some new/different music to listen to while I am working out. Usually I listen to mostly heavy stuff (pantera, mudvayne, NIN, metallica, AC/DC) I saw on the board a discussion about hard techno a while ago, but I don't really know anything about it. That sounds intersting and I already listen to sound house/trance stuff so... Anyone got any suggestions?


Amon Amarth
Black Sabbath
Children of Bodom
Def Leppard
Dream Theater
Iced Earth
In Flames
Iron Maiden
Judas Priest
Porcupine Tree
Yngwie Malmsteen


Any member of any of these bands would kill you and eat you in an instant if they knew that you were recommending them in relation to a questions about 'hard techno'.


I thought he was just looking for new music in general and accepting hard techno. It looked like he was saying he preferred metal stuffs.


You really can't get any more "techno-metal" (aka Industrial metal) than Rammstein and Ministry. NIN are the most popular one, and White/Rob Zombie are pretty close behind, although some don't consider them Industrial (I think their later stuff though is).

Get some Ministry and Rammstein though, they really are the forerunners of Industrial metal.



Type in a band or song name and it lets you listen to similar music for free. It'll bring up some songs that you don't like at first but after you've rejected some and accepted others it gets pretty accurate.


'Skinny Puppy' rules if you like industrial. '10,000 Homo DJ's' rules if you like Ministry.

Look for anything under the 'Wax Trax' record label if you are into that type of music.


The Pandora thing is wicked cool, thanks.


Fort Minor


Basement Jaxx
Apex twin


Basement jaxx?

Hell, I love them, they're good House music but they're not industrial metal by any means.


One of my favorit techno bankds is a guy called "Scooter". Some of his stuff is the same old same old techo crap.. but here are some of his better lifting songs...

Scooter - Call Me Manana
Scooter - The Logical Song (starts off with a chicks voice but give it a few seconds)
Scooter - Faster Harder Scooter
Scooter - Fuck the Millenium
Scooter - Hyper Hyper
Scooter - Maria (I like it loud)

You can also get a "Bad Blade Mix" which there are a ton of versions of, if you have seen the movie blade you have heard the song.


scooter's entertaining in that late 90s leather-pants wearing german techno sound. that song of theirs done to that old marc cohen song was killer.

but seriously - to paraphrase an earlier poster, al jourgenson would come to your house and kill your family if he knew that his band (ministry, 1000 homo djs) were being mentioned in the same context as a band like scooter.


lol I see what you are saying, but the truth is.... its all means to an end. Personaly some hard hitting fast bass gets me pumped from time to time when im lifting... other days I feel like listening to some evil metal to the point that I just want to start throwing weights at peoples heads...

As long as it motivates you... who cares...



Different to your list, but good.


Any member of these bands is probably a cracked out pussy who an average t-mag reader would mop the floor with.


i would suggest Carl Cox he is a Drum&Bass Dj, and he plays some hard shit. Pick up Carl Cox Mixed Live Second Set at Area 2 Detrioit click on that link and you can see the type of stuff he plays. It's honestly kind of hard to listen to unless you want to get pumped up, otherwise I feel like someone is hitting me over the head with a frying pan, but for a tough squatting or deadlift workout, it is the shit. Rugged, hard shit, not alot of heavy synth, I think you'll like it, give it a try.


The original poster didn't ask about industrial metal.


sorry thats bollocks. ministry i can understand, they were the first mainstream metal band to incorporate industrial elements but rammstein?!?!?!

check out a band called aborym to to see how industrial metal should be done.

to the original poster> check out drum and bass. its great work out music. check out www.bassdrive.com for a good online radio station.