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New Muscle/Soft Tissue Strains


Hey gents... I'm almost 34, so not QUITE in the club yet, but I'm certainly feeling the effects of Father Time as it pertains to my training. I have a question/concern regarding a strain I recently acquired:

Last night I was doing some rear lunges, and the only warm up I had done was about 5-8 minutes of jumping rope. I've never really consistently done dedicated "rep warm ups" in the past with no real injury, so this is a bit new. It was a bit painful toward the end of the set, but this morning it now feels like I may have strained an adductor muscle or something on my inner left thigh. I also felt (during the work) this recurring cramp in my trailing (right) quad, about 2/3 of the way up... Any additional remedies for chronic cramps?

None of these conditions exist on the opposite side, so I think it may be a form issue... I will also be warming up more adequately, but do any of you have any insight as to what I should do in the interim and/or anything else?