New Muscle Pump Coaching

Box full of goodies!


I will be opening mine when I get home from work

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I’ve got the package and workouts! Excited as heck to start! One question, I don’t have access to a leg Press, would squats be a good substitute?

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We sent out the workouts via PM and email.

Ask your questions in this thread.

A few questions:

  1. Leg curl pointed toes- pointed toward or away from shins
  2. I dont have a chin bar, can I substitute pulldowns
  3. Assume bb row is with supinated grip
  4. Can I substitute Nautilus Pullover for Darden pullover and if not please confirm that the Darden pullover is with shoulders on bench
  5. Is it ok to substitute DB bench press with parallel grip
  6. I won’t be able to do 10 reps on the parallel dip, can I substitute dips between two bench’s (feet on one bench, hands on the other) and if not what do you suggest.

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I don’t have access to dips in the gym I’ll be using mainly. What can I substitute with?

Yes, you can substitute squats for leg presses.

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  1. Toes pointed away from shins.
  2. Pulldowns will work.
  3. Yes, do with supinated grip.
  4. Do the Darden pullover crossways with the shoulders OFF the bench.
  5. You can use the dumbbell bench press with a parallel grip.
  6. Why don’t you use two sturdy chair backs for dips?

I have a multitude of exercise limitations:

  • Legs Block: I can accomplish this, but have always done 5 increasing weight warm-up sets in leg press
  • Thighs Block: My patella tendon is very sensitive to leg extensions, necessitating that I use extremely light weight. The gym is usually moderately busy, so getting from the leg extension machine to the leg curl machine in just 10 seconds would be sheer luck it would be open.
  • Calves Block: I can accomplish this.
  • Chest Block: My left shoulder has no rotator cuff shelf is gone. The only press I can do is a dip machine. I can do a pec-dec machine, but gym crowd might impede getting from one machine to the other in allotted rest period.
  • Shoulders Block: The only “shoulder” exercise I can do is shrugs and light farmers walk (limited to carry only 100lbs on artificial hips). laterals are not possible and neither are upright rows and OHP, as mentioned above.
  • Lats Block: I can accomplish this with the exception of the rest period of 10 seconds.
  • Biceps Block: I can only do curls where my shoulders are supported, e.g., Scott curls
  • Triceps Block: I can only do triceps press down and seated triceps extension machine (like the original Nautilus compound bicep/tricep machine)
  • Forearm Block: I can accomplish this

This might be an oversight on my part but is there enough Surge Workout Fuel for the whole 4 weeks?

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Got a pretty good pump reading through the workouts. Package should be arriving any moment now. Pretty stoked to get after it tonight.

‘any moment’


Tim - in our training logs, can we detail the programming (or should we keep the exact protocol somewhat vague)? Not sure if you want to keep the full program under wraps for now.

Unfortunately my package will not arrive until Thursday. Have to start next week here.

You’ll need a total of 52 servings of Surge Workout Fuel to complete the 4-week program.
We sent you 40 servings, which means we owe you 12 more. And you’ll get another shipment as long as you keep posting your progress and updating your training log.
We’ll send a PM asking for your favorite flavor in about ten days.


I’d really like some type of weight selection guide besides don’t go to failure. Like on the pump work and stuff… RPE what?

I don’t understand:

“ The correct resistance falls within about a 20-percent range. The best way to describe it is, you’ll know when the weight is too heavy or too light – so if it’s not too heavy or too light, it’s just right.”

As a life long go until you can’t go anymore and then do 3 more reps, this is all very foreign and hard to interpret.

Just destroyed the first workout!! Holy crap that workout smoked me. I was sweating like crazy and had a monster pump by the end. Also, Surge is delicious! I’ll be updating my log shortly with the workout and a bit more in depth on my experience with the first session.

Also @wanna_be think about your 20rm for most lifts. Like with squat I did 225, because I know I can do 20 reps with that, so that should account for the statics and slow negatives.


How was your weight selections? Were you spot on? Pretty close?

I might be too stupid to follow a real plan lol

I’m on call for a few more days so I won’t be able to start till later in the week (haven’t got my box yet anyways) gonna have to stalk some of these journals and figure it out.

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Yeah, with the exception of the opening leg Extension/leg curls. I’ll back off that weight a bit next time. Experience just gave me an idea of where my weight selections should be. Ego needs to be taken out of your selection or some of the phases will be almost impossible to complete with good form.