New Muscle Pump Coaching

The program has been updated with PARTS.

Please check out the PARTS addition and let me know if you need clarification.

I see that but it quits as phase 3. So if we continue with phase 4 so we start over and repeat the blocks laid out in one? I thought before there were blocks laid out for many more phases

Yes, the plan repeats the three training phases (18 different workouts). Each part uses those phases with a different Stimulate rep method.

There were always only three repeating training phases. It was confusing renaming Phase 1 as Phase 4 with a different Stimulate method. We should’ve done it like it is now.

Sorry for the confusion.

No problem! I just wanted to make sure I knew what to do next. Thanks again for everything! I’m still enjoying the workouts.

Just got back from a trip and saw the updated plan.

Weren’t there slow negative chins and dips scheduled for a couple of the workouts in the previous phase 5 and 6?

Also: I originally thought the program was four weeks, then eight, then 12. It looks like there are now 18 weeks of workouts…I’m certainly not complaining! Does the program end after week 18?

We have more than 18 weeks planned.

We’re rolling out the system as it develops. That’s how our advanced training works. We’re continuously experimenting with new rep methods and techniques for future updates.

Negative Chins and Dips are in weeks 25-36.

“Complaining” shows you care, and that’s motivating.

I’ve said before that I’ll stick with the program until it ends or you kick me out.

I will be doing workout 25 tomorrow. Which workouts have the slow negative chin and the slow negative dip? I think there were two/week, but don’t remember and don’t see it in the updated program.

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Thanks for the update… I will be continuing the program and am up to workout 21 and still loving it. Thanks for the new exercises as well for the body parts. I enjoy switching them up.

Can you repost which exercises we should be doing the 30/10/30 for during the stimulate?

Couple clarifying questions:

  1. I’m on workout 19 so technically phase 4. Do I do 30-10-30 for all stimulate exercises? I know before it said only one exercise but i don’t see that now.

  2. What are 1-1/2 reps for stimulate?

Yes, do 30-10-30 on each exercise under the Stimulate category.

We’ll release the method details today or tomorrow.

Thanks for the clarification!

Great thank you!

The 1-1./2 Stimulate Rep Method is now in the plan.

Tim or @Ellington_Darden

Are the slow negative chins and dips still part of workout 25-36? If so, which workouts?


Part 2: Negative Chin and Dip

  • MON/7: add 30-sec neg chin at end
  • WED/11: add 30-sec neg dip at end
  • WED/14: add 45-sec neg chin at end
  • FRI/18: add 45-sec neg dip at end|

Tim or Dr Darden can you clarify something for me? I’m the body part blocks it still says rest between exercisers in each block is usually 10 seconds and then 60 seconds between the pump stimulate and flutter. But now phase 1 says to rest no more then 30 seconds between sets, phase two is less and phase three even less.

I’ve been doing it as laid out in the body part blocks. Did something change?

Yes, things have changed and will continue changing. That’s how advanced training works. So keep checking back.

Will do! Thank you!

Thanks, Tim!