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Back at it today after a 4 day holiday break from lifting. But I was able to test the Surge Workout Fuel during a very, very active 4 day stretch of hiking, swimming, volleyball, a 5k and biking in continuous 100 degree heat. My family could not keep up. The daily Surge Workout Fuel kept me hydrated and energized, even though I was not conditioned to the heat coming into this weekend. Full disclaimer: I don’t drink alcohol, so did not have to fight the typical holiday late night drinking and hangovers. This product is legit (and I imagine it would be good for hangovers, as well)


Flutter after a 30-10-30?
What did we do to p1ss you off? :laughing:
I can’t imagine the pump.


I have a commitment on a Friday-Saturday-Sunday on the first weekend of August. Saturday is scheduled Workout #21.
My workout strategy has always been if I had to miss a specific workout for a commitment, I would just skip it and proceed with the next workout at its original scheduled date.

In the Surge Challenge what is recommended? Pickup on Workout #21 on Monday, or keep the scheduled Workout #22 on Monday?

The rationale for this would be because you always wanted squat or leg day (or whatever) to fall on a certain day of the week that gels with your other activities. For example, I don’t want to squat heavy and then have a soccer game later that day, but I have no problem doing a shoulder-heavy workout and playing soccer later.

For these workouts, I don’t see that as mattering at all. I can’t think of a reason to skip the workout and move on to keep your original schedule, unless you have another training block scheduled immediately after and need to wrap this up by a certain date.

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We lift in a society

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Is the 30-10-30 stimulate to replace the original stimulate or is it in addition to?


  • Pump
  • Stimulate
  • 30-10-30
  • Flutter


  • Pump
  • Stimulate 30-10-30
  • Flutter

30-10-30 is simply one exercise in the Stimulation section.

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@Negativenewbie It’s all explained in the updated program.


  1. Use the 30-10-30 method for Trap-Bar Squat or Squat.
  2. Keep the other exercises the same.
Method Exercise Reps Rest
30-10-30 Trap-Bar Squat 1/10/1 10

What is the guidance on caffeine use and Surge? Typically I have been having a bit of caffeine in the morning on working days then consuming Surge about 2.5 hours later for a noon-ish workout.

Does caffeine have any impact on the effectiveness of Surge Workout Fuel?

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I’ve never experienced a negative impact on Surge WOF from caffeine, and certainly not taken hours apart.

The performance effects of caffeine, depending on the dose, can last six hours or longer.

I’d suggest taking caffeine 30 minutes to an hour before Surge Workout Fuel.


Just one person’s opinion on pre-workout caffeine: I had taken caffeine via coffee as a pre-workout drink since the 1980’s. For the Surge Challenge I have missed taking my coffee about half of the workouts. I cannot tell a difference when taking Surge whether I get caffeine pre-workout or not. I am amped either way.

BTW, I do drink coffee every morning, usually with my 10:30am Coffee Gang, mostly as a social beverage.

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This is essentially what I end up doing without real intention. I wake up, have some coffee, head to the gym and then start drinking Surge Workout Fuel; it probably ends up being about a 30-minute separation.

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Workout 9 in the books.

12 minutes post workout arms measured just shy of 20”. Huzzah!



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Pics or GTFO !:grimacing:

And spoil the end of challenge reveal?

I don’t think so.


My wife got a whiff of Surge and said “that smells like ass, how can you drink it?”

I wholeheartedly disagree and love the taste. It doesn’t even crack the list of bad tasting supplements.

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The empty bottle does smell pretty bad until you wash/rinse it out.

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My fiancé usually likes to steal a few swigs of my Surge. She loves the Lemon Drop flavor.

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