New Muscle Pump Coaching

Interesting. Definitely liking Surge quite a bit thus far. Definitely helped me grind out that 30 minute hard sparring

I’ll give it a try. I re did my math and I typically eat at 7am, 11am, 3pm, and supper anywhere from 5:30-6:30. And then snack around 9pm.

But you are saying eat the same calories but spaced out more. I may need to eat quite a bit bigger meals then to get all my calories in.

This is my issue.
Will try eating in pulses as suggested.

I ran out of Surge yesterday. I had about a scoop and a half for yesterday’s workout but wasn’t able to do the night time dose or today’s dose. I probably won’t have more until Monday at the earliest. Whenever Fed Ex decides to deliver

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I do something like this for breakfast. I have eggs and cheese and then a shake of orange juice, cranberry juice, mixed frozen berries and Greek yogurt. Much easier than eating.

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I like to have a surplus of “critical” items. JIT is okay for substitutable items.

I just ordered two bags of Surge with the 4th of July 20% off sale along with two bags of Metabolic Drive.

BTW: JIT is “just in time” in the business world dealing with the supply side of a process.


I apologize for the hijack, but I can’t help myself. I’m a quant geek. (Much of success is due to excellent pattern recognition.)

I believe Dr. Deming (a statistics professor) in the 1950s had a lot to do with Toyota implementing the first (I believe) JIT system. I enjoy reading his work.

WIKIPEDIA: Many in Japan credit Deming as one of the inspirations for what has become known as the Japanese post-war economic miracle of 1950 to 1960, when Japan rose from the ashes of war on the road to becoming the second-largest economy in the world through processes partially influenced by the ideas Deming taught:

  1. Better design of products to improve service
  2. Higher level of uniform product quality
  3. Improvement of product testing in the workplace and in research centers
  4. Greater sales through side [global] markets

I too am a student of Deming. As part of my employers corporate strategy team, I helped to introduce Deming’s 14 Points. I was privileged to be at one of Deming’s last conferences where he taught his Red Bead Experiment. I was also part of the Six Sigma initiative at my work. And am sort of a statistics geek, helping the managers work through their Green Belt projects. And taught corporately the basic statistics surrounding the Measure and Control phases of DMAIC.

IMO, JIT is adequate on critical processes only when supply side disruption is very rare (running at Six Sigma quality)


Seems you have a similar role to me, but who really came up with JIT, Shingo, Ohno or Deming? And don’t forget Shewhart! :smiley:

Completed workout 7 on Friday. I like doing biceps and triceps together with forearms. Another great workout. The gym was empty and I finished the workout in 26 minutes. The best thing about moving quickly is I am able to keep my heart rate up the entire time.

I was thinking maybe it would be better to do lats first then do arms. From all my previous readings and my time as a personal trainer at a Nautilus facility was that you hit the larger muscles first?

I read two of Deming’s books. I don’t recall him mentioning JIT. The closest mention to suppliers was him saying to use single suppliers for any specific item.

We moved to JIT when we went through an inventory reduction initiative to save on inventory costs. I was focusing on Six Sigma at that time. Another initiative team was implementing JIT.

But I believe most give Ohno credit for JIT.


  1. We’ve added Phases 3 and 4 to the program.

  2. Phase 4 includes the addition of the 30-10-30 Stimulate Method.

  3. Here’s pfit9 doing a set of 30-10-30 leg extensions:


Tim I have a vacation planned after the 4 weeks of the original challenge. I planned to take an easy week and hit some band work during that time. Is that okay and then resume phase 3 when I’m back?

Secondly, will we need to purchase our own Surge for phase 3 and 4?

Sure, an easy week is fine, then resume the plan.

We sent out another pouch of Surge WOF last week to all Surge Challenge members. We’ll let everyone know about the next supply later.


Perfect that’s what I’ll do. I’m really enjoying the challenge and honored to be a part of it. Thanks again!

Thanks for putting this program out there. It’s reinvigorating my desire to continue lifting and improving.


And that motivates us to do even more.

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You LOOK unstoppable!


Workout 8 complete

Good to note that this style works well with bands too (I have the mountain dog set from eliteFTS)

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Haha…if only ! But thank you. Definitely liking the stuff