New Muscle Pump Coaching

Thank you for the report and tell your wife she has more of a “gross-out” to come.

Surge Workout Fuel effects continue to increase for weeks. It’s something you have to experience to fully understand.

Expect it to be even better next week.


I noticed this in my forearms this morning.

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Is there a certain length of time Surge should be used to milk it for all it’s worth?

Although I am 71 I have capacity to workout extremely hard. Prior to Surge I would train 3 times a week using the 30-10-30 protocol which typically called for 7-8 exercises. The mid week workout used only 10-30 and was lighter. I finished block 5 last night and I am finding myself completely drained. A Surge training block typically has over 20 different exercises. I am thinking of going to twice a week workouts or eliminating a bodypart in each training block. Thoughts?

Everything about this challenge has been awesome. It has to be great to know that Tim and Ellington are personally invested in your success.

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I believe either of your suggestions will work. Let me know how you feel after your next workout.

Any harm in resuming creatine? Not with Surge, but some other time?

That’s really cool. This is an incredible community and something like this shows it’s not by accident


My legs are still feeling TRASHED from yesterday. Such a good session. I don’t feel like I’ve had a bad session yet. This program has been spot-on thus far.


First training day with Surge.

Heavy flat dumbbell presses with a pause in the hole. 6 x 5. Up to 95 lbs

Paused shrugs 3 x 10 up to 90’s

Long ass farmer carries… Well over 1 minute per set. 80, 85, 90.

Rope extensions

Felt strong af and strong throughout. Im only
5’ 08" 180 and not a bodybuilder or weightlifter really.

Tomorrow is hard MMA sparring. 30 straight minutes no rest. Using again. Update after.

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Workout 7 in the books

I don’t know how you guys (T Nation) came up with this formula and I think this picture speaks for itself.

In almost 18 years of lifting I have never had a bicep pump like this. I felt like that vein was going to explode out of my arm.


Thank you. Helping lifters get the most out of their bodies is what motivates us to keep pushing past the edge.

Expect Surge Workout Fuel effects to keep expanding. Things are going to get even better.


Has anyone found that your weights on certain exercises change depending on where in the workout that block is located? I found that out with workout 9. Chest was the last block and last time I did 175 for 10 reps for the first pump set, BB bench. Today i Unracked it and knew it wasn’t going to go for 10 reps so I quickly changed it down to 155 and barely completed all 10.

However, today was one of my favorite workouts with lats, triceps, biceps and chest. Great pumps and so much that my arms after biceps felt huge which made the chest block a little weird.

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Absolutely! I wrote in my log how I had a hard time with bench and overhead press after doing legs; I couldn’t keep my quads tight, they were trembling so bad from the earlier squats. With fresh legs, I figured I was good for at least 10 lbs more on OHP and 20-30 more on bench.

I find the same effect with the pump sets–a few lbs or an extra rep or two greatly affects the weight I can handle for the stimulate set.

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Glad I’m not the only one! I agree it really depends on how the blocks are structured and if I’m fairly fresh or not. It made me feel super week on bench today but still felt like I worked my chest really well.

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How long after your last solid food meal before you can take your pre-workout Surge?
In other words, does Surge work better when it is not competing with other nutrients in your digestive system?

First hard MMA spar using Surge. 30 straight minutes. No rest periods. Felt unstoppable.


I’d wager on an empty stomach because of the rapid digestion of the Cyclic Dextrins and sugar.

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I’m usually 90 minutes after a meal

Im hours later. Seems to be fine.