New Muscle Pump Coaching

Is there going be a thread of before and after photos like with transformation thread?


I bought my son Surge for his birthday. 22 years, no training breaks. He’s impressed with the pump he got. Better size genetics than me, except grip, LOL . Said he will send pics next workout.

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I have taken my “start” photos today.

Screenshot 2022-06-10 17.35.58

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I sure hope not :joy:


Currently doing some fishing in northern Michigan. Got a call to create and post a log.

Can’t wait to get started!


Can we start a FAQ to acquire many of the specifics that are rarely discussed when using any new supplement? I have quite a few. Example: How long must you wait after the last protein/carbohydrate/fat meal before taking the “before” training Surge?

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And why is that?

Because I won’t be posting any :joy:

Have you already ditched the therapist again? :rofl:
You looked okay in the last pic you posted in the quad thread. What happened?

If you click thag link I posted in here for my training journal and scroll up there’s a recent picture of me and dem quads

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What color are the bottles? I use a Army gym, nothing but water allowed. Shirts mandatory, no tank tops. Rules, they never stop.

The Surge looks pretty close to just water.

I’ll make it work one way or another.

I’m so damn excited! I got my shipment confirmation and should be getting everything by Tuesday! I’ll start same day if I’m allowed.

We need to send you the workouts. We’ll try to get them out by Tuesday.

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I appreciate it. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say we’re chomping at the bit to get started!


Will there be some type of fit test to run through to get a baseline?

Do we get any instruction videos on how to perform the exercises?

It may be perfect timing. I have a week and a half vacation linked up in about 5 weeks!

You, sir, are an animal. Get out of this man’s way!