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New Muscle Media

I just thumbed through the new Muscle Media and they apologized for the last year and say they are going back to their roots. Two questions , ok three. First, what do you think. Second, who is Vincent Andrich. Third and most improtantly I am going to start my first Androsol/Nandrosol Stack #3 next week any suggestions.

i browsed the latest muscle media and pavel the russian had a good arm article. the andrich cat wrote the new sport supp review which is a lot better than the last one by bp—my 2cents

I thought the current form was fabulous. It taught me how to butter my ass and how to be less dominated by my large hairy partners…Really, I’ll believe it whan I see it and see it consistently. Yes, they owe an apology for sucking whne they used to be so cool.

I’ve seen two issues with new “transformation.” The first one was fair, the recent issue I flipped through, sighed, and then returned to the magazine rack. The only way people will start taking them seriously is if they first fire Bill Phillips and Porter Freeman.

Indeed the second issue of the “new transformation” is the same old BS and fluff from the past. They have yet to redeem themselves adequately. Not to mention, another publication just recently tore the most recent supplement review to shreds!

JD: Just curious; any word on stopping the “Transformation” Contest? Seems like they have developed a pretty loyal following with these contest; ask almost anybody in the gym about them, and they can give you the complete rundown…it’s amazing…

i agree w/baines they need to lose the bp tony robbins dribble-saw the twin/musc/devel shred of the new ssr-- after reading the latest ssr i personaly buy what andrch says more than the twinfraud gang…really is kreider 4 real he says bb’s he works with use 8-10 grams of carbs per kg of bw… come on thats almost 800 gs of carbs for a 200 lb guy?? kreider also says 15-20% protein is all bb’s need??? his advice is worse than the high carb 80’s where 65% carbs and low fat was the rage…imo–twin and blechman think the academics have the answers-the bookworms rarely know what it takes to get a fricking 1/2 inch on your arms let alone squat…give me the t-mag info or the andrich cat at least he has a clue i’d like to know what the t-mag guys think of kredier anyway…isn’t he a paid shill for twin now?

Mufasa: I don’t know about the Transformation Contest being continued or not. But if Mags are marketing to sell supplements then you have to give Muscle Media and BFL credit for selling one hell of alot of supplements. One thing I think the BFL program does well is it gets people started and then if they want more, they need more serious sources of info like T-mag. I for one, perfer the straight foward talk of T-mag. ie: Here is how to do it, now get off your ass and quit your bitchin! Like Bob’s xmas present from Chris. There are no secrets - It’s hard work!

EAS annoucing a change to the mag? They have gone through many editors over the past few years as well as alientaing many writers and former contributors. Vince Andrich is ok, a self taught fellow who through his writing appears to be a better salesman than he is at understanding the studies he so often refers to. The problem with SSR#3 is that Vince announces throughout his “predictions”, like he has amassed a following analagous to TC, Butt Plug or the others at the old MM2K. Reportedly, EAS (owned by North Castle Partners) is up for sale. As far as Twin, Rick Krieder is a good researcher, stays in decent shape and has done the “in the trenches” research to have a pretty good opinion on carb and protein metabolism. I do not believe that he is a shill for Twin, nor is Bill Kraemer, Jeff Volek and other upstanding academics. Twin is not worth that much (pretty much a penny stock these days or close to it). Just my 2 cents.

It must have been some “wake-up call” when EAS/Muscle
Media found out that the sophisticated audience they
tried so hard to cultivate would not buy their supplements!

BAINES, you forgot one more imbecile they need to fire before anyone can take that rag seriously (5.99 an issue aside), that Jeffry something or other who gives the worst, most pathetic half-assed attempt at dolling out nutritional advice that any of us has probably seen in decades.

Baines, how dare you say EAS should fire me. Do you know how hard I’ve worked to get this magnificent body? Just ask the strippers and drunks who frequent my bar. Oh wait, I know, you’re just jealous of my purple EASmobile.

Check out my blonde hair dye job - I look like Gay Malibu Ken.

Fuck off, Porter. Go Build an Ant Farm.

i agree with much of what kreider said as he ripped andrich a new asshole, but in terms of protein intake he said there is no evidence to suggest a higher protein intake then 1.3 to 1.6 g/kg bodyweight, what about the studies that dr. peter lemon did that suggested a higher protein intake is necessary for athletes. also i believe his carbohydrate reccommendations are off base, many athletes and bodybuilders will get fat from taking in that many carbohydrates

Yes Mr Phillips, it looks like you be trying to hunt down G.I. Joe for some action in the trenches…but on the serious side. I think out of all the magazines out there Muscle Media comes in 2nd to T-mag…although it is such a distant second …I’d have to hail a cab to get there. Pavel’s articles improve it alot, If you take away Life,Phillip’s and Freeman its not horrible. David Kennedy’s research was the same thing Doug Kalman already reported to T-Mag weeks ago. His nutrition tips weren’t bad either, but whattya guys think of him saying keep fat levels at 20% if u ae on a non ketogenic fat loss program? The worst thing they have to preach (besides Bill Phillip’s I touch myself attitude towards helping others) is wait 1 hour after workout for potworkout nutrition!! They said this is if you are lookin for fat loss…wow they need a John Berardi kick in the arse. This may aid fat loss but along with precious muscle loss.

LOL! Bill Phillips! that is the first time you have made me laugh since TC was editor of your now shitty mag!

No, fuck you, Baines. I’ll have you know I have won several 4-H medals (2 third and 5 fourth place) at the local fair for my world class ant farms, so blow it out your ass.

you say agree with much of what kreider says does that mean you don’t believe in glucose disposal agents (berardi) methoxy7 (the whole gang), ecdysterones (most of the posts) or pavels training unless you hear it at T-Mag?? Just wondering who has the rose colored glasses on here…a few issues ago kredier was pushing frickin colostrum hmnmmm colostrum fuel