New Movies!!!

Did I do it? Did I really do it? Did I post about outcoming movies before Patricia? Yeah baby. Anyways Westly Snipes has just signed for Blade 3. Shooting starts in…in…in…shit I forgot…a few months. Guess that’s why Patricia does these things. And alot better I might add. :wink:

Remember Pat…3 braincells but their BIG! :wink:

But another movie I’m more excited about is Rifts! Most of you will probably be saying what the hell is that? Well when I was young I was a nerd and into RPG’s and Rifts is an rpg. Think StarWars crossed with Lord of the Rings for style. Well sorta. Except it’s on earth in the future super science and super magic. Replace the empire with the Coaltion, replace Stormtroopers with Deadboys…replace gay please shoot me white body armour(spelled the Canadian way) with mean ass looking black armour. Throw in: juicers(pyscho warriors pumped up on tons of drugs/steroids), demons, Atlanteans, power armour, magic, mind melters(psionic badasses), big kickass guns and robots, oh and a lot of violence! We can’t forget Glitterboys. “What kind of gay fag is a Glitter boy?” That’s what I said about 10+ years ago when I hear the name until I saw what it was. Nope not a fag. Sorry I’ve been waiting for this movie for a long time. Ciao. :slight_smile:

Uh, it’s been awhile since Wesley had signed on. Sorry, AC. And it does begin filming in September up north in Canada. The director is none other than the man responsible for all three Blade scripts: David Goyer.

So…there…blegh sticking out tongue

You know that’s what I thought. Infact I thought you already posted on that. However I heard on the news today…about 30 min. before I posted that he just signed on. Stupid news makes me look like a dickwad. So you heard it hear Patricia is ahead of the news for movie info. What’s it like from Gods lips to your ears? Damn today was just asspounding day for females putting me in my place. At least with the other ones I got in an astouding one liner. That makes it all worth it. Muhahahahah. Still beat you on the Rifts post so… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

blade2 sucked…the first one was tight as hell though

Yeah, after Blade 2 I may have a hard time justifying the money for the third one. I think I’ll wait for the DVD this time around.

Whoa… Rifts? That should be awesome.

They should have those Alien lookin dudes that enslave everyone and look like they came out of a Lovecraft book.

Blade 2 kicked ass it was the first one that wasn’t that good. Renegade your talking about the Splurgoth. Gay name but cool bad guys. Their minions the Slavers are on the front of the Rifts cover with the Altarra warrior women. Ciao. :slight_smile:


My friends liked Africa, with the Horsemen of the Apocolypse.

Africa was cool. The art on Death and War kicked ass. Atlantis was another good book. The Coalition War Machine was also good. Japan and the Jucier Uprising rocked as well. I feel like such a nerd now. This is fun. Ciao. :slight_smile:

wasnt it called rift without the s?


what about a rumor I heard about scripting michael moorcock’s eternal champion for the movies?


Damnit…I got all excited when I saw the word Rifts and didn’t even finish reading the post. I started to reply with “Two words for old school true Rifts fans: Glitter Boy”…But when I actually went back and read the whole thing I realized you beat me to the punch Arcane :-)…Well, anyway, I was an RPG geek when I was pretty young and this was one of my faves. Kind of underground here, no one played it much that I knew of outside of my friends and me. This game owned. I did found a link to the “Scimitar” Glitter Boy (there were all kinds of different Glitter Boys) in case any other RPG nerds wanted to check out how bad ass these things were. Man, I’m such a dork:

Actually, I also found this. I remember this being the first picture of a Glitter Boy I ever saw, in the original manual for the game:

Glute no it’s Riftsssssssssss with 11 s’s just kidding only 1. CC nice GB pic. You can sorta get that it has reflective armour hence the name Glitter boy. I would love to see a bunch of them lined up firing their boom guns in a big mech fight. Hey what about SAMUS power armour? I’m going to go look for one. Ciao. :slight_smile: