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New Movie Trailers and Spoilers


the ghost rider: spirit of vengence looks like it should be good


spoiler image shows weapon of the bad guys from the avengers


I don't have much hope for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Nic Cage was responsible for a lot of what was wrong with the first movie.

I love how they try to distance themselves from the original by getting rid of everyone involved bar Cage, then revamp the Rider's look when it was the best thing in the first movie by a clear mile.

It's not as if they can crank (pun intended) up the quality like that....if it was that easy, why didn't they do it the first time? I really do hope I'm wrong, but I won't be seeing this unless it gets some blazing reviews.

One movie that I am looking forward to is Drive - it's about a Hollywood stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway driver. It has been described as an arthouse action movie:



THAT looks fucking badass.


Gosling, Cranston and Hendricks.

Oh and Perlman?

I'm in!!


Hell, yeah!! Released this later this month.


Watching that clip almost caused my BP to rise....


read the John Carter books growing up. hope this is good


The best part was when it cut off just as the chase started. Normally they'd never getaway with that.


I liked the period setting at the start. Glad they haven't tried to update it.


I've been eyeing this movie for awhile. Comes out next weekend in limited engagement. Should be badass.


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy:

Brilliantly cast spy thriller topped off with Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman (who finally gets a long overdue shot at an Oscar)..


yeah, but they got the eyes wrong on green men. in the book they had eyes similar to a chameleon and that's why it was such a bitch to sneak up on them. would be great if they follow the book as the animals(creatures?) had really strange eyes and 6-10 legs. that alone would give a different look to the movie. who wouldn't like a 6 legged rat the size of a pit bull?


I really want to see this one!



And what a badass female lead SHOULD look like when doing an action flick!!!


Ah... me love some Gina... :slightly_smiling:

I'll be looking forward the action more than the acting though...


Damn, some heavy hitters in that one.

Looks pretty cool.


You can watch this one on demand right now



Yessir. Christina Hendricks too? Bring the noise, why wasn't this a summer blockbuster?


It's not mainstream enough. The critics at Cannes went crazy over it, so it appeals to the highbrow set who'd normally turn their noses up at anything with action in it.

The violence is said to be extremely graphic (to give you an idea, the director, Nicholas Winding Refn consulted Gaspar Noe on how to approach the violent scenes. If you've seen any of Noe's films, you know what to expect), and the car chases top anything in recent action films. The whole tone of the movie owes more to '80s action flicks than to what we've been used to in a typical action film. That means No CGI.

That clip I posted is one of the most exciting scenes I've seen in a long time, and the great thing is that nothing really happens in it.


I thought the movie was great. The movie has a different vibe to it. The violence is pretty graphic. The music adds a nice touch.