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New Motion Machine



I've always conceived of a type of machine that would combine a pullover with a triceps extension to hit all heads of the tricep. This machine appears to be the closest to that concept. Never seen these before.

Lots of potential with this dual cam concept. Really innovative.


Those have been around for 2 or 3 years I think. I'd love to find a gym that has one. From what I know, there are 4 versions. One for triceps, biceps, quads and hamstrings.


The video itself was a little goofy, but that's pretty neat. I like the idea of using a machine to basically perform compound movements, since most machines these days seem overly focused on isolation. I like the idea of selectorized compound movements.


Nothing wrong with wanting to build a better mousetrap. And if I ever have a chance to try out any of those, I wouldn't pass on the opportunity.

And I get what the guy in the vid is trying to accomplish. Obviously, for the purpose of bodybuilding, the sit-down versions would be more ideal.

However, if the purpose of his design is to better mimic the various athletic motions, then he should design some of the machines in stand up versions (for example, the throwing patterns machines). His leg machines in the vid better accomplish this as they are performed standing up.

For the purpose of translating strength gains on to the playing field, the athlete MUST learn to transfer force from the ground. How often does a quarterback or pitcher throw the ball sitting down...? The ability to train and exploit the posterior/anterior oblique subsystem is vital.

Again, I applaud the guy for wanting to build a better mousetrap. Truth be told, however, an understanding of biomechanics/anatomy, a moderate investment at the local hardware store, some good quality bands, and INGENUITY can accomplish very similar objectives - in a more cost-efficient and logistically feasible manner. I've incorporated training like this for the last 3 years and I continue to get stronger and stay injury free.


Not a huge fan of some of the machines.

Take the pullover/pushdown combo. You could do it with an EZbar or BB and do pullover into a skullcrusher or if your like me and you have bitch elbows you could do a cable pullover into a pushdown, You could load it more safely as well and make it alot more explosive which would carry over better for sports.

Pretty much all of the arm movements I would ignore for those machines BUT the leg ext and ham curl idea with the added stretch would be great!!!

I feel like the bicep curl machine would be great for front raises though.


Wow! I am not sure how this snuck by me but this is the first time I have seen this thread.
Dr. Kurt here, inventor of New Motion Machines.
Thanks for the feed back both positive and constructive.
My first prototype was built standing and it worked great...but only if you were 5'8 like me. With the adjustable seat I have had people from 5'2 to 6'7 on these machines. They all could get the fit of the machines.

I agree that with some appropriate parts, a knowledge of kinesiology and some healthy ingenuity you can come up with some very useful movements. That is how I did my early prototypes. Most people will not go to that trouble. Are these machines perfect? No. But...These machines make it easy for almost anyone to make a few adjustments, and work a full movement pattern in a safe and predictable manner.
Instead of thinking pull over to a skull crusher, think of an overhead triceps press into a cable push down into a triceps kick back. All in one smooth movement.

Biceps move from a decline curl into a preacher bench into a cable concentration curl. All in one smooth movement.
These machines move from both of the main muscular attachments starting in full stretch to both attachments being in full contractions.

There seems to be about a one set learning curve the first time on these machines. Then you can see an AH-HA moment happen when you realize what the machines are doing.
If anyone is in the Austin, TX area, I would love to get you on these machines and watch your AH-HA moment.
Any questions?
Train hard, live Life!
Dr. Kurt


Steve Holman at Iron Man Magazine has been talking about Positions of Flexion for a long time. He writes of the need for multiple exercises in order to work a muscle group through its full extension to a full contraction.

New Motion Machines makes it possible to do these movements in one complete, truly full range of motion.
Any body out there want to get into the bio-mechanics of these movements and how they apply to any individual sport?
Dr. Kurt


I just had a friend who is into MMA on these things. The focus was on the workout so I didn't get video but here is how they improve martial arts performance.
Upper cut (would also apply to choke movements.)

Power kicks

Hammer strikes

Any questions?
Train hard, live Life!
Dr. Kurt