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New Mortal Kombat Banned in Australia



Fucking assholes banned the new Mortal Kombat game in Australia.


And from what my local games store owner told me today, theres a $100,000 fine for importing it.


Any ideas on how to get this game aside from moving overseas?


Can't suggest an alternative way of getting it but, yea...that's pretty fucked up! It's a fighting game ffs... of course it's going to be violent. Oo


Good ol' Oz.


Is there a way to get it via bit torrent?

I know nothing about these things. Just putting that out there.


Silly nanny state.


Lol, fuck Australia.


Maybe there's a new character that looks like a Kangaroo or a Crocodile that gets beat by virtually all the other characters? They should just smooth things over by designing a rugged, outdoors-man type that responds to fighting characters with blade items with "That's not a knife, this is a knife" before hauling out a massive sword.



You can get around this by getting an U.S. XBOX and hack it to play burned games. Then download the U.S. version of the game online and burn it to play. You'll need to get an old non-slim xbox, though. The slims don't have a reliable hack yet I don't think.


This is really your only option.

Only thing is if you go this route, you're going to have to keep up with mod updates to avoid being banned from xbox live. Don't take a game online until you know it's safe.


^what they said.

Mod chip > dl > burn > play



If all else fails, wait for the crack and download it.


As far as importing goes, this is the information I have:


If you don't want to break the law, you could just wait it out. Atkinson is gone and the tide of opinion appears to be turning in favour of a R18+ classification. I predict we'll get one within the next year or two (I know that's probably little comfort to you). Unfortunately, even if that happens current RC games may not get reclassified.

And yeah, sometimes just... fuck this country.


If I ever come up with a product, I'm going to try to get it banned somewhere.


Did wonders for Red Bull.


Is the big fine just for retailers importing it or for individuals who just want to play the damn game? That seems kind of silly. Is there no porn in Australia either?


I never understand this type of thing... its a video game. But in the end it is true.. a lot of people take what they have in america for granted.. cause man..


This reminded me of good ol' Thrill Kill. Fun game to play, but banned prety much everywhere!


You get the Internet in Oz, right? Pirate it.