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New Momoa/Conan Pic


Looks a little better - although it's from the side and only really shows his chest and arm...

At least the hair is right!


Lemme dig up my responses from the other 4 threads on this. They were quality!



"I'm not one to judge, but it looks like he tried to gain weight too fast or something because he looks kind of soft. Maybe he's 6'6" though.

I love Conan but I think I'll just put in a DVD of "The Scorpion King" and close my eyes when the title comes up and pretend that's a new Conan movie."


I've read Howard's Conan stories, I have this nice leather bound hardcover, and I also have the reprints of the "Savage Sword of Conan" comics from the 70s and 80s, and I have to say that it doesn't matter if Conan was described as 'smaller' than the public perceives. He should be about 6'4" and 260 to 280 lbs. That's what many people think of when they think of Conan.

As another example, I ask you what's the most famous line from Star Trek? may people would likely say "Beam me up, Scotty!"...but that was never actually said in any episode of Star Trek. Though if you ask 100 people on the street to say something from Star Trek I bet 75% would say that...and it's OK, because in the public's mind that phrase is heavily associated with Star Trek.
So Conan should be huge!

I just noticed I'm the one that killed that thread!


Lol...you'll probably kill this one too!

I could buy this if we are talking about a very young Conan. It's been stated in the comics/novels and even the original Arnold movie that Conan got bigger and thicker as he got older - like by the time he bacame King of Aquilonia (sp?) he was much thicker than when he was a younger man....


I just read that Ralph Mueller turned down the new Conan role... because it was too small a part.


Lol, oh yeah, definitely a smart career move, especially after his diverse roles in all the other films he's been in (I did like him In Gladiator though, but he's never going to be a leading man type).



He has the face down.


You mean Moeller?


No. Miller.


He made Gunter look small in Beerfest tho. Damn I love that movie.


He does have the face and hair down, looks good from the side in this pics. I just hope he is totally over the top and looks massive like I've come to expect from being a fan of the comic books.


are you sure it wasn't Mulder?


back on topic, you could build a 9 hole golf course on that guys brow ridge. holy shit.


You're obsessed with Arnold. Go see a shrink, asap.

Thats all,