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New MMA Routine


hey all. i need some ideas for a good training routen,
ive farted about the gym for the past few years so have a idea of whats going on (though nothing to show for it).
Currently i do MMA (mixed martial arts) twice a week and swimming once a week so im pretty lean strong and fast for my size.

age: 24
height: 5'9"
weight: 144LB

The intensity of training from MMA is killing any sort of size building. if i stoped the swimming and did 2 nights weights what good all round strength and explosive exersizes could i be doing to further my progress in MMA.

thanks neil.

PS. how do i work out my "BMI" you all keep talking about.



If you are serious about MMA and don't just want to be some Billy Badass, you should not focus on strength but on endurance/stamina

Putting on size would only be productive if you plan on switching weightclasses any time soon

In any case, MA-specific lifting is all about TBW, look up the stuff written by Chad Waterbury on this site.


thanks for the reply, after i posted i found sum great info and a few training vids for explosive training, sorta just answered my own question :slight_smile:

i checked my BMI and it said 21.3 kg/m but whats the percentage everyones talking about is it body fat or something?? how would i work this out??


Include deadlift snatches and clean n' jerk in your routine, trust me here.


Why do you want to know? It's not a particularly useful number. If you want to gain weight, you are going to have to eat more. Lifting will not induce you to gain weight unless you supply a caloric surplus.

Lifting 2 days a week is fine, with 2 days of MMA training. What weight class do you plan on fighting in? Remember, you will fight at around 10lbs less than your walking around weight, so at your current weight that's 135.


BMI is just a ratio of weight to hieght. It's not a useful number except to statistician comparing large populations. It's meaningless otherwise because it doesn't account for muscle mass.

BF% is calculated from skin folds measured with calipers. It requires some skill to measure with consistency or accuracy. There other ways to measure it, the easiest is with a bioimpedience devise but they are terribly inaccurate. There are lab tests that will give more accurate readings but they are expensive. It's a useful number but not as useful as say, waist size or what you look like in the mirror. That tells you just as much.


cheers again lads for the info. kinda just had my training plans scrambled, training has now bunked up to 3 nights a week. but ive kinda figgered a plan out.

mon: MMA
tues: explosive training
wed: MMA
fri:explosive training
sun: strenght/grip training

explosive training: gaelic football
strenght/grip: pull ups, bench press, dead lift(nothing too serious dont wana burn out)

that sound ok coupled with a good diet and good sleeping??

havent a clue what group ill be fighting in just know im nowhere near ready.


Sorry for my ignorance, but what is "gaelic football"?

Also, what do you do during MMA practice?

Personally, I'd suggest checking out Charlie Lysak's Primal Strength material. Throwing his "Crawl" routine into your week would do you a world of good in terms of strength endurance and grip strength/endurance.


Good training,



first could be bench, deadlift,bent over row, back squat

your second weightlifting day could be: Snatch, Clean n Jerk, hang clean, explosive Bench press

Third: overhead press, front squat, powercleans, pullups


Id say get the Bas Rutten video/books it will have everything you need to know in them. Also if you are seriously training I would speak to your trainer about routines.


gaelic football (real football born in ireland) is basicly a form of soccer and rugby mixxed, VERY physicsl and best of all rough as hell.
the new MMA training plan is basicly skill development, circuit training, then sparing.
i figgered i have a problem, i dont search enough!! found loads last nite very helpfull. just gotta put it all in to a plan of action. cheers for the info lads. :slight_smile: