New Mind,Old Body,New Strength

I’m going to start a training journal on T-Nation and this is pretty much the start of it but I want to post my goals,where I currently am and see if maybe you guys could help me come up with a plan of attack.

I’m 5’11 171. My current maxes are: Bench:245,Squat:335,Clean:215,Deadlift:415

My Goals are:Weight:160

I know must people ignorantly make stupid post,so I hope this isnt one of them,but I wanted to get some ideas,deload,and start a new training cycle. So,I just wanted to know what ideas could you guys give me to possible reach my goals,or any kind of advice,that may have worked for you that could work for me.Thanx.

How long have you been lifting?

What programs have you done to this point?

These details may help with your programming.