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New Mexico Oly Coaches

Hey all,

I live in Roswell NM which 2-3 hrs from anywhere. Was wondering if anyone knows of any oly coaches in NM.
I’ve searched all the articles on the subject and downloaded Dan John’s book.

I feel like im missing some technical aspects of the lifts and would like to find some coaching. any help is appreciated.

So I guess there are not any coaches in NM or Amarillo,Alb,Lubbuck area?

Private Message Ross Hunt. I think he found a coach in NM, although it might have been Arizona.


There is a place in Santa Fe called Carl and Sandra’s gym. I know they teach Olympic lifts to their clients. You’d have to see if they do workshops or something of that nature since you’re pretty far away and they charge a lot for their memberships (to my way of thinking). If you google it they have a website.

Why not go to NMSU and ask for help from one of the strength coaches for a day. I’m sure they’d point out anything you were doing wrong.

Carl Miller’s Gym is in Santa Fe, New Mexico, so I don’t know how practical it would be for you.

If you can get there, it’s great. Carl’s credentials and personal accomplishments are just about as impressive as they come, and he has several USAW-certified coaches at his gym. Shane Miller, his son, handles a lot of the day-to-day coaching and has an extremely good eye for technique; I’ve benefited immmensely from his observations and corrections.

Membership is expensive; you might call them up and try to set up a meeting for a couple sessions to work on technique. Google ‘Carl and Sandra’s Physical Conditioning Center’ for their website.

If you have any questions, ask me here or PM me.

Thanks all
I will google and see what i can arrange
maybe take a couple day trips to SANTA FE. gives me a reason to go there have’nt seen santa fe yet.

You need to look up Ron Redfeather.