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New Metroflex Gym in Long Beach, CA


We have opened a new, very powerlifter/bodybuilder friendly gym in Long Beach, California. It has heavy dumbbells up to 200, lots of squat racks, a monolift, strongman equipment, a posing room, and lots of loud music. Chalk is encouraged and be as loud as you want! We are located at 3200 E 59th Street and are currently running a $20 a month special. Call 562 531 7040 for details!


That's great, but you need some help with that logo.


Yeah man. That's a stock logo I had on my laptop. We've been messing around with it a bit. Graphics are not my forte, but building kick ass gyms is. So if you're ever in town, come down and train.


Nice man good luck in the gym business.

What is "will also house a 619 muscle"?


619 Muscle is a supplement/clothing store.

Good luck with the new gym. I know the logo is the original one Brian Dobson has had for years, but it has always looked a bit amateurish to me. Definitely time for an upgrade if he's franchising out! :slight_smile:



Good question! 619 Muscle is a supplement store out of San Diego run by national level bodybuilder Pete Ciccone and IFBB Pro Derik Farnsworth. We are opening their second store in our facility, and it will be owned by Khay and Martin Rosemond. Khay recently won the Class A Bikini championships at the Cals this year.


Jealous of you cali fuckers.

20 a month? GODDDDDDD super jelly.


^ X2 lol


Awwee if the gym was closer I would have definitely gone there Q_Q its 30miles for me.


I'm moving out there in 2 months, already planned on getting a membership there, might sign up early to lock in that sweet rate...


^X3. Wish Metroflex would open a gym in the metropolitan D.C. area.




I checked the gym out last week. Totally awesome! Even though I live about 25 miles away from it, I will definitely be going there. You can't find the kind of environment at this place anywhere else!


Any other T-Nation members going here? Been working out here and the place is serious as a heart attack. Literally everything you could want, including the atmosphere. The owners are salt of the earth as well, supremely nice guys who train their asses off as well.

If anyone else is going there lets get together and get brutal. We can do Prowler pushes till someone says "Uncle!"


Sweet I train at the original metro and one of the others. I think I speak for anyone that has trained at a metroflex when I say fucking best place on earth to train I love it. I have been to three different metroflexes all in Texas and they are all the same. Glade you found it man!!!!


Yeah, the gym is the tits for sure. It's basically a meathead heaven - Anything any lifter has ever said "wouldn't it be cool if my gym had..." is there. DB's up to 200 lbs, strongmen stones, pressing logs, punching bags, prowlers, sleds, tires, sledge hammers, dead lift platforms, OLY platforms, bar raisers, bumper plates, bands, chains, neck harness, weight vest, specialty bars... And I'm going to stop there

Not to mention when you get a place like that in the area it naturally attracts the most serious lifters to it. Some real beasts are training there.

If I am ever in Texas that's surely where I will try to hit up.


got envy america =(

you are fucking lucky guys