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New Methoxy--Tastes like BubbleGum

I don’t post very often but I am a staunch believer in the T-Mag/Biotest product. I received my order of the new M-7 today and Tim P. wasn’t exagerating when he said that it tasted just like BubbleGum…methoxylicious. Thought you guys might appreciate an unbiased testimonial. I will post my results at the end of 8 weeks.

Agreed on the taste!!VERY bubblegum!!!
I’ll post my results as well-I’m about to start an 8 week cutting phase of sorts-I want to hit 5% by the end-I’m 9 now.It will be interesting to see if I can pull this off-hopefully,the Methoxy helps me hang to most of my hard earned gains(due in part to Androsol,no less-but more on that leater!)

Ditto here as well. Just got my new M-7 as well and gave it a test. Incredible! (and this from a guy who’s not that fond of bubblegum!) I don’t know where BioTest found their lab guys, I’m just glad they did.