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New Methoxy-7

Anyone tried it yet? If so what do you think about it? The old formula was also really nice, but i heard the new formula is way better. Any thoughts?

My new formula just arrived today, not too bad considering I ordered it yesterday and I’m up in Canada! I’ll post my results in 6 weeks (I plan on going all out and gaining 15lbs), but I really haven’t heard any results from others either, so was hoping to hear some initial impressions! Cheers!

The flavor is great, and the next day after starting with it I could feel the fat around my stomach becoming pliable (blood getting to the fat). Seems pretty good. I’m using the cap to measure out each tablespoon(10ml) (you can verify that for yourself pretty easily). The only annoyance with that is that the side of the bottle is now pretty sticky with drops that have run down.
Here’s a question: why 30 seconds under the tongue before swallowing? I’ve searched and can’t find a damned thing.

Keeping it under your tongue gets some of it into your system a little quicker, trandermally. At least that’s what I remember someone saying on the forum once.

SBL, what did it end up costing you when it finally arrived at your door? I know that usually the shipping that you get charges negates any deal that was initially there.

It ended up costing me $22US for shipping, put into Canadian that’s pretty steep, but it was the only way I could try out the new methoxy because only Biotest is stocking it. I’m in the beginning of giving it a test run, so I’ll keep you posted whether I think it was worth it or not. Cheers.