New Methoxy 7

I bought some Meyhoxy 7 today, but Im not sure if it is the right one.The bottle is dark translucent brown but the bottle on the Biotest
website is white. The dose on both bottles is 5-methyl-7hydroxyisoflavone 375 mg. This is the new stuff right?

Yes, that is the new stuff. The old stuff was 5-methyl-7methoxyisoflavone, and the new stuff is 5-methyl-7hydroxyisoflavone. They changed the methoxy to a hydroxy which is the functional form of the chemical. The previous formula had to be converted in the system. Although you should see it followed by ethylcarbonate ester. The old formula didn’t have that. Also I think that their old bottles were brown, and they have changed to white bottles. They may have not ran out of the old bottles yet.

Thank.The brown bottle gave me some concern but
on closer inspection methylhydroxy part plus it tastes like bubble gum.