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New Methoxy-7 available in Australia

Just recieved an e-mail from BPG stating that the new Methoxy-7 and Tribex-500 will be available mid to late August. Sorry, didn’t get new prices.

The NEW Methoxy 7 will be out in australia? Some other guy on the forum said it wont be sold in OZ. Are you sure about this? Who is BPG?

Slaine, BPG stands for Bodyperformancegear, attached is the e-mail response from my original query.

>Michael, > >Thank you for your enquiry. Yes, the next shipment will contain the new >Methoxy-7 formula as well as the new Tribex-500 formula. It is due to >arrive >mid-late August. > >All the best with your training. > > >Regards, > > >Stephen Smith >Business Development Officer >BODY PERFORMANCE GEAR >Tel: (08) 9272 4155 >Fax: (08) 9272 4055 >Mobile: 0412 813 518 >Email: steve@bpg.net.au