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New Method of Posting


Is it just me, or has anyone noticed the new way of posting info to the threads?

Before, you would press submit, and it would take a few minutes for your post to show up (I assume the mods were reading it to make sure it was appropriate). Now, you press submit, it takes about 20 seconds or so before it submits your post, but it is posted immediately.

Has anyone else noticed this, or is it just me?


Posts are added much quicker now due to changes in the way we moderate.


I noticed it just this morning, and thought the mods put the forum on autopilot while they went out for coffee.


Might appear that way, and that's good. We've just figured out a much faster way to do what we do.


No, I haven't seen that, at all.

What I have seen though is are tons of glitches or something.

For example, there will be a thread with 4 replies. I'll leave the forum, then come back, that same thread now only shows 2 replies, it eventually shows those 4 replies again later but not for a while.

Or sometimes threads completely disappear for a short time.

You mods know about this? I've seen it a lot the past month or so.


This new process went into effect today. Around midnight, specifically.

Threads / posts disappearing and reappearing is usually due to caching issues; either on your computer or our servers. Of course, posts or threads that disappear permanently are most likely being deleted by the moderators. We are a 100% moderated site, after all.


I now see the quick posting, excellent!

The threads disappearing and reappearing is annoying when you want to go back and view replies again and they've vanished, only to reappear 15 minutes later. argh!


Understood. It's a pain for us as well. Tracking the issue is usually the toughest part of solving it.


...and here I thought my posting was so special they decided to give me a mod-free pass.


I thought the same thing........ LOL

Good job Mods! Always making the site better


I like it.


Its a lot better.


Agreed, though I thought for a second that the site was no longer moderated.


Yesterday there were many threads with -1 posts.


OK, it appears to be on a key-word basis. So if I type something like 'fuck', 'pussy', 'Kliplemet', or anything of the sort, it gets moderated.



The moderating procedure and standards are essentially the same. What was unacceptable before, is still unacceptable.


If this is true it should at least raise the level of the average insult.


Nice change, especially for someone like me who likes to edit his posts for typos.