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New Method for Big Hard Legs, in Conjunction with the Best Damn


CT first of all let me say thanks for the excellent articles and incredible workout plans, without your articles I’d probably still be trying to make newbie gains on bodybuilding-com.
Anyways I’ve been following the best damn program for about 5 weeks now and am enjoying the hell out of it, making great gains and getting stronger seemingly everyday. That being said I did take some liberties and incorporate the big 3 repeated 2x throughout the week. Starting at 75% adding 5kg per week for 6x2. Yesterday I wanted to give your big hard legs method a shot and just repped out 90# on the leg press before moving on to deadlifting and the normal Friday programming. And I had the BEST training day I’ve ever had in my life, it was insane I thought I was hallucinating luckily I wasnt.

However I fear that I might be getting into too much volume, at the end of pull days I train traps and sometimes abs. At the end of push days I train calves, sometimes abs, and 2x a week I do loaded carries. Everything included I keep the workouts under an hour so the training intensity/density are high as well.

Do you think ive crossed the line and created too much volume? For me personally it feels great and I haven’t felt like it was too much volume, but I also don’t want to reach the point of diminishing returns. I jumped on this program because I’ve been beating the hell out of myself and haven’t made much progress and let me tell you, you nailed it on this one. Again thank you for all your wisdom and great programming, keep it up brother. Hopefully one day I’ll be half as knowledgeable and ripped as you are.