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New Metcon Machine

Hi Christian,

I just got this machine in my weight room. I was not able to do any sled/prowler exercises because lack of space.

What do you think?

I don’t have the metric counter yet, so can you give me a hand to extrapolate your sled/carry chart from m to sec?

I even think you would have an excellent ideas with it. (Btw, no motor system in)

We had one as early as last year in one of the crossfit gym I train people at and even a year prior we had one to train hockey players, didn’t really like it. If it is like what we had you can’t really add enough resistance to make it even remotely close to a prowler.

It might be useful for Crossfit athletes because for some reason ($$$) they now have the motor-less treadmill runs at the Crossfit regionals so athletes would benefit from practicing on it.

But for other purposes it is not great. It didn’t take long before the ones we had were abandoned and eventually returned.

Would you say that a Sled Tred machine it is closer to the real mechanics of that kind of movements?