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New Metabolic Drive: Muscle Growth Formula


new online store looks good btw.

Just noticed this product coming soon.

what's the reason behind putting whey hydrolysate in it?

looks like a decent deal price wise.

More calories/protein for about the same price as regular MD


Looks like a slightly tweaked Metabolic Drive Complete (which also included whey hydrolysate).


I think it's the MRP version, with carbs.


I was adding coco nibs and pumpkin seed or macademia oil to my Metabolic Drive Complete shakes (a while ago).

Formula looks the same to me but I could be wrong.

Only thing I didn't like about the past formula was how easily it got "airy." It would upset my stomach sometimes.


Muscle Growth Formula:


Old Metabolic Drive Complete:


From my initial view, I don't see much difference other than a slight macro-nutrient adjustment and a recommendation to blend it with a bunch more water (interesting). Perhaps it's just a new name?

Call it what you want as I'm happy it will be in stock soon. I'm a big fan...especially during a bulking phase.


I think I'm most confused by the labels themselves, Metabolic Drive Complete was 310 cals, new formulation is 270 cals. But...the new formulation has almost the same macronutrient profile as Metabolic Drive Complete (which oddly enough adds up to 328 in MDC, new one 336). Even taking into account not counting fiber I'm still confused as this still makes the new formulation at 308 cals. If I'm being completely retarded and missing something let me know, my mind might not be working straight right now.


For the 'muscle building' formula, I'm surprised they didn't add some extra Leucine or something.


Muscle growth formula....with less calories?


Exactly, looks like this new MRP formula will work with water.

With the Metabolic Drive Complete, milk was basically mandatory. And with that vanilla especially, so worth it


It will have 0 lactose? Cuz im lactose intolerant plz make that formula without
Lactose PLz!!!!!!!