New Metabolic Drive Flavors?

I remember sometime in 2009 or 2010 there being mentions of new Metabolic Drive flavors being tested in the Biotest offices. Has anyone heard about new flavors coming out? I’m pretty sick of vanilla and chocolate, and I don’t like strawberry or banana.

New Metabolic Drive Bar flavors would be great too.

Mods, any updates on flavors?

dude, the Metabolic Drive bars are so good. i don’t need a new flavor, I just need a deal on a 12 bar pack.

I like to mix a scoop of the Chocolate powder with a scoop of the Banana powder. I don’t think I ever just use one flavor by itself anymore… and for the record, the Metabolic Drive Bars are just amazing. A little on the smaller side, but you know you’re getting better quality protein than the usual crap the other companies put in theirs. The Chocolate one (rocky road?) really helps with any sort of craving you might get when dieting.


Yeah, the bars are good, and so is vanilla MD, but I’m to the point where I don’t buy either anymore, just cause I’m sick of them.

Hoping something new that isn’t MAG-10 will come along soon.