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New Metabolic Drive Bar Flavors?

Curious to know if there is any new flavors being worked on?

A peanut butter one would be awesome similar to the Finibar

I used to love the old Rocky Road and Cookie Dough ones, and would certainly be very happy if they ever made a reappearance.

As far as new flavors,… Peanut Butter? Anyone? Anyone? -lol


I might consider buying them again if cookie dough or peanut butter ever came out.

New flavors are great, but look at quest, they have a billion of them, and I bet people probably only focus on 3 of them as a whole. That said a limited run batch of member voted flavors would be interesting.

I like th chewy choco. The choco chunk gets stuck to my teeth. It’s like a tootsie roll

Definitely need a PB. I’m Down for at least 10 boxes.

New Peanut Butter flavor would be my first choice too!