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Hi everybody. I don’t know if new members generally introduce themselves and if i do it in the good forum.

I’m a 19 years old french guy. i’ve trained for 1 year. And i still ask myself a lot of question about my training my nutrition… that’s why i’ve registered here. Your answer may be different from those i get on french forums.

I don’t know how you generally train. In france most of the guys have a split training and train each muscle once a week with high volume. I’m not sure that’s the better thing to do. Then i seek informations.


Welcome to the site!

The blue box labeled “Article Library” is your best place to start. You will find information that is organized under subjects such as “Training” and “Diet Programs.”

There is a tremendous amount of information to learn. Good luck!

Hey, welcome to the site. This gives me the perfect excuse to pimp the following thread…


There are a ton links in there if you skip past some of the introductory material. There is a ton of great information around these parts… just dig around a bit.