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Well, not really. First post though. I’ve been reading on & off here for the last 1.5 yrs. I started at 245lbs of fat, and leaned up to 170lbs lean muscle (9% bodyfat) over about 1.5 yrs. I’m past the fat mentality.

In the last 7 mo I’ve worked up to 200 lbs (12% bodyfat). Problem is, I’m 6’2" and want to look good nekkid but the arms are pretty scraggly looking with a 30" reach (tip to chest) and bulking the chest is difficult. I’ve been focusing more on compound movements, but do some isolations after for bi’s & tri’s.

I held out using creatine & glutamine as punishment until I got my eating routine down for 6-7 meals/day. TGFG (Thank God for Grow!) I was what I thought was a Skinny Bastard or Hard Gainer… but now know I was just an under-eater.

I’m tossing around the ideas of which andro’s to try out(while still legal so I can stock up), and was curious if anyone can give me some feedback. I was considering 1-AD or 1-TU at this point but I’m looking for experienced feedback.


My first question would be how old are you?? Dont start a PH unless well out of your teens. I personally held off util I was 25. Your T levels are there to take advantage of at that point.

As far as what PH. A great idea would be get some Mag-10 while you can still find it. That would be a great one to start with.

As far as 1-AD or 1-test. I would say go for the 1-test in a transdermal. 1-ad is pretty much the same but has to be converted to one test by the body so you simply skip an unneeded step.

If you do a search on the net you can find some good premixed trandermals of 4AD and 1-test that would be great for a first timer, and give great gains. Simply run it at the recomended dose.

Before you buy any PH though I suggest you read as much as you can on them. Pay close attention to Post Cycle Recovery (PCT) (VERY IMPORTANT), and any possible side. Get everything but the PH that you might need and then order the ph. That way there will be nothing that crops up you arent ready for.

Hope that helps,

Damn did it again, bad day I guess.

Welcome to the forumn.

I’m 32 now. Used to be a jock. Then had nerve damage in the shoulder and became very sedentary. Last 3 yrs have been predominantly circuit/aerobic exercise until the last 7-8 months when I’ve actually been able to get into a gym. I have been doing rotator cuff exercises just to be safe, but now the shoulder horn has me curious.

I also wasn’t aware of side effects or post-cycle necessity on prohormones. I’ll do some reading if I can find any.

I do appreciate the feedback. I wasn’t going to instantly jump on cycling it until my gains can no longer be altered by diet or routine… but I did want to stock up while it was still ‘legal’ so when I did plateau, I wouldn’t stay there long.

It is alway better to just mention the age thing and cover your bases. Ya never know.

Sounds like some solid thinking on your part about the PH and eventual use.

I PM’d you a short list of links to some articles on PCT and PH FAQ’s from this site and a few others.

Hope that helps,

Any further help I can give just ask.


SB Chaz,

Welcome to the forum!

I have a couple of questions for you if you don’t mind. The first is how old are you and how much do you weigh? the second. How long have you been training?


32 yrs old
I trained heavy when I was younger, but never had significant gains because I ate/trained all wrong.
Current training for the last 3 years has been mostly cross training… Circuit training and a lot of hiking.
Currently I weigh 200lbs.

I’ve only been eating right and training right for about the last 7 months, and I’m training for strength and mass. That’s why I’ve had such great gains early (not that you could tell on my tall frame)

I just finished reading a ton of articles on prohormones (thanks to Phil) in regards to postcycle. I wasn’t aware that prohormones can (potentially) the same side effects as steroids, but I’ve done excessive reading on steroids in the past so I’m not unfamiliar with the possibilities and how to recognize, alleviate and control them.

I’m also not looking to get big fast. Gradual increases that I can maintain is all. But thats after I start to peak or plateau naturally. I’d like to have a solid foundation to build from.