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Hey Everyone,
I’ve been reading the T forums for a few months now and after 3 trys to sign up finally got a name. After Finally getting a password sent to me with an hotmail address I went back and realized the other 2 were sent to me but when i signed up and got the E-mail AOL put them in a “spam folder” so i never saw it… anyway just wanted to say I’ve read alot of good advice on here and I’ve only been training for a couple months so I’m learning more from T-nation Every day

Hey Dave… I’m new here to… This is a great site, loads of tips and info and loads of laughs in some of the posts!! These people, their solid commitment and no shit approach are what brings me back everyday! See you around… Be good!


Welcome. Great to see a post from a newbie who is simply coming out to say hello, is reading up, and taking the time to use the resources at hand to educate yourself.

This site has a lot to offer, if you take the time to employ every resource, even more. Keep it up.

Come on back anytime with ?'s. Generally we are all willing to lend a hand.


Really great that you are chekking all the past issues!
Teyre all agreat read.
I remember starting from issue 1 and reading my way through all the past issues. Thats how great they were -and still are.
Might do it again, so much great info :slight_smile:

Welcome! If I were next to you I would shake your hand.


Yeah, but how much can you curl in the squat rack? :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard bro.
Avoids-that was priceless!

Welcome man; it’s good to see new people joining the forum. Just make sure you read all the old issues (it’s quite a task, but worth it).

Welcome aboard Dave. Have fun with the Previous issues. I had a months worth of laughs at all the Atomic Dogs.