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HI all, new to the forums, not new to bodybuilding and performance training. I'm 52 years old, 5' 9", currently 205lbs,, 15% bf. I recently retired from the Army "Combat Arms", after 32 years. I was in a physically demanding job that required a high level of performance. So over the years even though I lifted frequently, and hard because I was required to so much endurance/cardio as well as combatives training I was never really able to put on any size. So now that I'm retired and not really working, I've been bombing the gym hard. I'm focusing on building size and strength, especially now that I don't have so many other physical requirements.

Because of the demand for performance over the years, I've used AAS to help performance and recovery, so I'm not new to cycling. I've been reading the forums for years and have learned a lot. But now that I'm focused I'm going to be exploiting this asset heavily.



You can head on over to the over 35 forum and chat with us old farts.