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Just joined today. Been lurking for a little while. Very informative info on this forum. I hope to learn and contribute to this forum. For reference I am 60 years old, 5’8" and about 170 lbs. Been training for around 15 years with goals of good health and achieving some personal goals in the weight room. Never competed and never plan on it. Happy New Year.

Happy New Year to you. And welcome.


No mention of supplements in your post in my workout log. I recommend Plazma/ MicroPa/MAG-10 combinations. Those let me work out 4 days a week with a seriously strong and determined 47 year old. I keep up with his determination and sometimes I equal his weight choices. He works out with me because no one else can keep up with him in the gym at 7:30 am.

I’ve never been weak; worked out fairly steadily since about 19. I remember in 9th grade ln my first tried benching attempt I bested about all the first string high school football players, thanks to genes from my German grandfather. I hope I can keep doing this stuff at least l0 more years. Don’t like to think about after that.

You ought to post regularly here, and list weight amounts. The strong monsters on here aren’t critical, and based on how many viewings my new log has gotten in its first week, this place needs more 60 somethings posting regularly–60 somethings who aren’t enjoying describing their aches and pains.