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I’m brand new to this site. I have to say it looks really professional. I’m a member at anabolic extreme for over 10 years, but its changed so much.
I’m 33, 6 feet tall and 195 lbs about 12% bf.

Just recreational but on a mission to be jacked. I am definatly an ectomorph hybrid, I have a very fast metabolism so I’m eating constantly, over 4500 cal a day no matter what or I’ll die of starvation. I gain muscle very easy, but can lose it even easier. My problem is when I go on cycle I just can’t eat enough consistantly. Busy lifestyle, ex"s, kids, etc… I eat alot of restaurant, fast food, etc… Don’t do much cardio in the gym but am pretty active.

Had a minor scare overdoing a past cycle of Test Cyp, D-bol, EQ, Fina enth and hGH… I guess my blood got so think and I felt as I had hyperthyroidism cause I got seriously shredded and seemed to lose weight… my bloodtest was insane, cycle was too long and I came off for like 10 months, PCT and everything proper but my test levels never came back so I just did 100mg human grade test cyp every 10 days and felt great.

Currently on 75 mg test prop and 50 mg Tren Ace EOD, 2.5 weeks in and feeling stronger than ever… I’m only thinking short 4 week cycles for now on at the most, maybe higher dosages but just feeling out the site and what people are thinking here…