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Hi guys,

Just joined and wanted to say I love this site :slight_smile:

A small intro about myself:

-22 years old
-Bodybuilding for a year (170lbs --> 142lbs --> 168lbs(bulk) --> 154lbs(nearly end of cut)
-total gram/calorie counting freak (yeah im one of those :P)
-graduating from pharmacy school in 3 years
-want to become a pro lightweight (155lbs-170lbs) maybe 4 years from now!!! … someday i’ll be on that stage lol

-the thing im missing I DONT KNOW because i never really spoke to a personal trainer… everything i did was by researching over sites like this one and experimenting with my own body

supplements and diet consist of:
-whey, glutamine, vit.c, animal-pak multi, ZMA, chromium, cinnamon, fish/flaxseed oils
-stopped using no-xplode and creatine monohydrate 6 months ago (realized i didn’t need it… plus no-xplode is shit -.- sry for the language lol but it is…)
-i usually carb cycle especially during cut phase and also utilize g-flux

anywyas, keep the forums alive! this site rocks =]

Sweet dude! welcome to the site.


[quote]Mr.Purple wrote:


[quote]Ramzy18 wrote:

-Bodybuilding for a year (170lbs --> 142lbs --> 168lbs(bulk) --> 154lbs(nearly end of cut)


How tall are you? CUTTING to 154lbs sounds pretty crazy to me. It looks like one big yoyodiet.

But welcome!

[quote]asusvenus wrote:
Ramzy18 wrote:

-Bodybuilding for a year (170lbs --> 142lbs --> 168lbs(bulk) --> 154lbs(nearly end of cut)

How tall are you? CUTTING to 154lbs sounds pretty crazy to me. It looks like one big yoyodiet.

But welcome!

lol here we go :P…

Basically, this is my second cut but my first with having a good amount of muscle… people tell me im pretty strong for a 155lber… (230+bar squatx8 and 90lb db’s x 11 chest press). I’m trying to cut down to the point that I see my abs well and this is hard for me especially because I do have some loose skin. Plus, I am overhydrated most of the time…

I’ll just post my diet down since you seem interested…
I have 4 types of days: high carb day, maintenance workout day, low carb day, and no carb day (well nearly no carb)
I will just post the maintenance day down… basically the high carb is an increase in nearly 30g of carbs, the low carb is a decrease in 60g of carbs and an increase in fats, and the no carb consists of around 37g of carbs max all during first meal (I need to have my apple LOL)

Maintenance Day:

Meal 1
-1 Scoop Protein, 40g Oats, 2TbspxPeanut Butter, 1 apple, 2 fishoil pills
-51g carbs, 38g protein, 20.5g fat
-560+ calories

Meal 2, 3, 4 are the same macro’s but sometimes I vary the type of complex carb and meat (like sweet potatoes instead of brown rice, etc.)
-216g Brown Rice, 150g chicken, 2 fishoil pills (sometimes I skip the pills before workout), veggies
-54g carbs, 37.5g protein, 25 calories from fat
-427.6+ calories

Meal 5
-1.5xscoop protein, 1TbspxOlive oil, veggies
-36g protein, 13g fat
-280+ calories

Meal 6(usually I include meal 6 into meals 4 and 5 to spread apart the absorption of casein protein throughout the night)
-1.5xscoop casein protein or 250g cottage cheese, 2xflaxseed oil pills, 4xcellery

Maintenance workout day: 2337.8 calories
High carb day: 2419.8 calories
Low carb day: 2055.8 calories
No carb day: 2465.5 calories

As you can see, calories are pretty consistent… fat calories make up for lost calories from carbs but protein is all the time the same. However, during my cut… say, if I want to decrease 120 calories, I remove 120 calories from carbs on high carb and maintenance days, but I remove 60 calories from carbs and 60 calories from fats from low carb days and no carb days (since these contain fairly good amounts of fats). I have never yet reached ketosis but by the end of my last cut week (next week) I am sure I will…

This has worked for me thus far, but
Any comments are appreciated… =]

Where you studying to become a pharmacist? I’m studying to become a technician but down the road hopefully do schooling for a pharmacist.

I am studying this fall at the University of Southern Nevada School of pharmacy. It has two campuses: one in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the other in South Jordan, Utah. I got accepted into the Utah campus but I am currently on the wait list for the Las Vegas campus (although I currently live in Las Vegas >:| )

Here are some pics:

July 7 2008 - Still cutting while starting to incorporate weight lifting

July 27 2008 - At the end of my cut when I decided I wanted to start to bulk

May 19 2008 - This should be the first pic… It’s during my first cut and no real weightlifting

January 14 2009 - Near the end of my bulking phase, I maxed at 168lbs

May 10 2009 - 2 weeks into cut

May 10 2009 - 2 weeks into cut (155lbs)

… and my stats for anyone who cares:
Deadlift: 260lbsx10
Squat: 260lbsx10
Leg Press: 450lbsx10
Leg Curl: 180lbsx10
Leg Extension: 135lbsx12
Chest DB Press: 90lbs db’sx11
Chest Bar Incline Press: 180lbsx10
Chest DB Declline Press: 80lbs db’sx12
Pullups: Bodyweightx24 and bodyweight+35lbsx8
Bicep Curl: 110 EZ Barx8 and 50lbs db’sx10
Dips: bodyweightx25 or bodyweight+45lbsx12
Shoulder Press: 75lbs db’sx8

Oh, and sorry for no leg pics cause those pics are from facebook and I don’t put even take pictures of my legs to put on facebook … I feel it’s weird… I will at the end of cut though

Nice… but man I really wouldn’t be cutting right now…

[quote]Ramzy18 wrote:
January 14 2009 - Near the end of my bulking phase, I maxed at 168lbs[/quote]

why did you stop?

[quote]Zackgsc wrote:
Nice… but man I really wouldn’t be cutting right now…[/quote]

Thanks. I know what you mean but here’s my situation:

Because I bulked for 8 months (as it was my first bulk) I feel it wiser to cut down some fat now due to insulin sensitivity issues… I’d much rather start cutting now then bulk for 2-3 months then cut for a month or so and do small cycles than continue on with this first long bulk.

Plus, I’m a very steady bulker… I don’t think I gained a lot of body fat during the whole bulk (basically no cardio for 8 months) because I slowly add cal’s up every week or two. And, for me personally, I find it easier to gain muscle (bulking was relatively easy for me). As for cutting, I used to be a semi-marathon runner and enjoy running but my mid-section has never really popped out. >:|