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New Member!


Hello all! I have lurked for more than a year, and finally decided to join! Woohoo! Maybe I got stir crazy not being able to talk weightlifting/fitness with ANY of my friends?



Welcome cherry. its better late then never!


Sup noob


Greetings from the Dark, I am Count Rockula


Popped your cherry, huh?


O! I get it.


Sweeet and you got pictures!! and you're actually kind of cute!! and looks like you squat !! welcome !!!!


o good thing mods deleted my post. i didnt know was girl with pix


Welcome aboard!
What's your training like? You look like you work hard.


Welcome to the T-Nation community cherry :smiley: Lots of great advice and good times to be found around here.

I give you props for your avatar...art by Luis Royo, one of my favorite artists...you display good taste, girl! :smiley:




Chest (incline, flat, flys),
Abs in between sets (hanging leg raises from arms slings, and obliques hanging off the end of a bench [legs clinging underneath so I don't fall on my face!])

Biceps (arnold curls, hammer curls),
Deltoids (front, middle, rear)

Wed- rest

Deadlift (snatchgrip or regular),
Dumbbell Rows,
Pull ups, assisted :frowning:
Reverse pushups from Smith machine,
Abs again, in between sets

Squats (front or back),
Bulgarian Split Squats (or walking lunges)
Romanian deadlifts
Calf raises

Sat/Sun- rest


Thanks, me too, Boris Vallejo is my all time fave, though! This avatar is just going to be my halloween costume. :slightly_smiling:


Never thought I'd meet another Boris Vallejo fan.


Haha! Another nerd/student/weightlifter/Boris fan! We're gonna be best friends!




in arnold voice

Yo and hi5 brah! Welcome to dah Nation.


BFF. Absolutely.


Are you kidding?

Check out the "Im Not Bad Im just Drawn That Way" thread in SAMA. I am a longtime Vallejo fan, as are a few others on that thread.