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just joined, and figured id post. im 27 and have been training naturally for about 9 years, but have had to take time off often due to injuries from learning the hard way and overtraining. ive been following westside routine( at least to the best of my knowledge and ability) for a few months now, and the owner of my gym also trains by those methods.

i was never one to max out with singles, but since i started, i went from a 405 deadlift to a 455, a 300 or so squat to an easy 365 13 inch box squat- which is below parallel. i havent recently maxed on the flat bench, due to training variety, but i max on a different bench excercise every week( bands , chains, lockouts, etc.) today i was pulling off of a 4 inch box, and messed up my low back. i pulled 405, but was a little jerky at the lockout.

i tried 430, but it was too heavy. i wanted to hit it for another set just for feel so i used 315, and on the third rep is when i felt by back go out when i was all the way up. it was nowhere near failure, so i think something hapenned with the other weights. since then i could not even stand up completely straight. this happenned once before, and i could not work for a week, it is not as bad as that time though.

i intend to stick with the program, but might have to replace a couple of max days with special rehab/assistance workouts. i know i did not need to write this much, but im hyped up to have found a chat room with knowledgeable members. any advice or questions?