New Member - What's Up?

Just saying whats up to everybody since I’m new here. Its good to find a place with people that don’t sound brain
washed and have open minds about training.
Recently back to training for past 6 months after being out for 5 months due to car wreck injury(low back)…went from 290lbs. to 360lbs.!! during that time (sad,huh). Down to 338lbs. at 34%bf so far.
Anyways,I’m sure the T-Nation will keep me motivated on my journey to the brickhouse again. Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

Well let me be the first to welcome you.

Glad you find our little, actually pretty DAMN large community as a nice place. You seem like you will fit right in.

Sorry to hear about the car wreck and following dietary wreck.

Keepm up the progress and feel free to ask any ?'s or chime in yourself.



Welcome back to the iron game. I’ve had some injuries before too so I know what you’re going through. Take care and Get Thick.

BigCT, I have to say that these guys will help. I have read so many articles and seen the advice given that it has helped me.

I have never been a big guy but I was small. In college I started moving the heavy weights and made some great gains. After graduating and getting a job my training slacked off. Even though I didn’t put on a lot of weight, I did lose some strength.

Lately, I have gotten back into the gym and this site as well as everyone here has helped me a lot. I’m currently following the West Side for Skinny Bastards workout and the T-Dawg2.0 diet.

I have managed to get my diet so that I’m losing weight but I’m still trying to nail it down but I’m getting closer each day.

So you know, the answers are on this sight, you just need to look or ask the right way.

The sky!!!
Just being a smart ass.
Welcome to the new T-mag!

Appreciate the welcome guys…I’ve taken in a lot of info from the articles and it has changed my approach by opening up my mind…like getting my “posterior chain” stronger and more flexible since my injury was to my lower back. Its gonna be a long road but I have plenty of gas…uhh,well I don’t have gas…but ya’ll get my point…lol.

Welcome BigCT!

Glad that all of us here at T-Nation can be part of your journey to the brickhouse. We’re going to want to see before and after pics too. Good luck on reaching your goals.

I will post before/after pics in a couple of weeks after I get my BF% done to see where I stand now…I’ve already lost about 30lbs so far. I hate before pics…but I’m sure it’ll keep me motivated.